Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht aller bisherigen Änderungen. Contao unterscheidet zwischen Major-Releases (z.B. von Version 3 auf Version 4), Minor-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4 auf 3.5) und Bugfix-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4.4 auf Version 3.4.5).



TYPOlight Open Source CMS Changelog

Version 2.1.22 (2007-01-29)

  • Improved multi-domain mode
  • Pages from domain A cannot be accessed via domain B anymore
  • Each page alias can now be used for multiple pages (once per domain)
  • Improved URL handling to allow any network protocol and insert tag usage
  • Improved redirection to use search engine friendly HTTP 301 headers
  • Added front end module "article list"
  • Minor improvements to back end forms

Version 2.1.21 (2007-01-24)

  • Added a date picker wizard to the back end
  • Added image width limitation to article preview (back end)
  • Added front end table sorting (see example website "courses.html")
  • Removed current ID from alias drop-down menu (circular reference)
  • Fixed issue with content element option "add image"

Version 2.1.20 (2007-01-18)

  • Completed update 2.1.19 (some files were missing)

Version 2.1.19 (2007-01-17)

  • Fixed image gallery image margin
  • Added option to make Flash movies transparent
  • Added option to show multiple content elements in an accordion pane
  • Added option to redirect a front end user group to an individual page
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.1.18 (2007-01-15)

  • Improved news handling
  • Improved search engine handling
  • Added a default source page to news archives
  • Added a default form to module "search engine"
  • Added "float" and "clear" to module style sheet
  • Added option to use a random image's name as caption
  • Added multiple selection to selection item (form generator)
  • Added a "toggle all nodes" button to file, page and article tree
  • Changed margin of floating images to padding (IE6 compatibility)
  • Fixed issue with image names (content element "gallery")
  • Fixed issue with non-clickable main navigation items
  • Fixed small bug in the File library
  • Fixed small bug in typolight.js

Version 2.1.17 (2007-01-13)

  • Compressed all JavaScript files
  • Renamed TYPOlight JavaScript file to "typolight.js"
  • Fixed a minor bug in mootools JavaScript (IE7 syntax error)
  • Fixed a minor bug in UFO JavaScript

Version 2.1.16 (2006-12-31)

  • Added option to run more than one accordion instance
  • Added option "clear temp folder" to maintenance module
  • Exchanged SWFObject with UFO due to mootools incompatibility (IE)
  • Modified several templates (minor changes)

Version 2.1.15 (2006-12-23)

  • Added two additional moo_ JavaScript templates
  • Fixed issue with headline of content element "HTML"
  • Added option "add image" to content element "accordion"
  • Fixed issue with URI routing (e.g. home.html?sessionID=xyz)
  • Fixed image handling in TinyMCE and added button
  • Fixed small bug in the News library

Version 2.1.14 (2006-12-22)

  • Fixed issue with blank option in module "personal data"
  • Fixed small bug in module "page layout"

Version 2.1.13 (2006-12-21)

  • Added new content element "accordion" (moofx)
  • Added a link to file CHANGELOG.txt (module maintenance)
  • Exchanged lightbox with slimbox (smaller footprint, moofx based)
  • Added a warning to page/file trees to prevent authors from loosing changes
  • Added a "runonce" script to live update to update database fields automatically
  • Modified example website and included a new SQL file
  • Fixed issue with wrong author name in news module

Version 2.1.12 (2006-12-20)

  • Lightbox update roll back (did not work in Opera)

Version 2.1.11 (2006-12-19)

  • Updated (lightbox)
  • Added author drop-down list to news articles
  • Fixed small bug "skip navigation" item bug
  • Fixed small breadcrumb navigation bug
  • Fixed "back to top" links in IE
  • Fixed small search engine bug

Version 2.1.10 (2006-12-18)

  • Added content element HTML
  • Made insert tags case-insensitive
  • Changed news archive menu indexing
  • Fixed small bug in "edit all" mode

Version 2.1.9 (2006-12-17)

  • Fixed issue with file download.php (news module)
  • Fixed small bug with country drop-down list

Version 2.1.8 (2006-12-16)

  • Added a new field to News extension
  • Slight modification of the news archive
  • Fixed issue with content element "code"

Version 2.1.7 (2006-12-14)

  • Added a new content element that allows to jump to the top of the page
  • Added a new insert tag that allows to include PHP files [{]php::file.php[}]

Version 2.1.6 (2006-12-13)

  • Fixed issue with template files when using custom templates
  • Fixed issue with style sheet selector storage (entities)

Version 2.1.5 (2006-12-12)

  • Added new insert tags "link_url" and "link_title"
  • Added toggle button to change textarea word wrapping
  • Fixed a small bug in the Validator library

Version 2.1.4 (2006-12-11)

  • Added MIME types to download element
  • Added simple headline to news extension
  • Added function getMimeType() to File library
  • Fixed date issue (last modified) in parent view

Version 2.1.3 (2006-12-07)

  • Improved backend navigation (search and filter menus)
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Input library

Version 2.1.2 (2006-12-05)

  • Fixed a minor JavaScript issue with the table wizard

Version 2.1.1 (2006-12-01)

  • Fixed issue with checkboxes in "edit all" mode

Version 2.1.0 (2006-11-28)

  • Added live update
  • Added icons to user/group management
  • Added regular expression "prcnt" (percentage)
  • Changed insert tags from <[-- ... --]> to [{]...[}] (TinyMCE compatibility)
  • Fixed a memory limit bug in the Input and FormGenerator library
  • Fixed a small bug with the download element
  • Fixed a small bug with default permissions
  • Fixed a small bug in RSS Reader library
  • Fixed some minor bugs