Hier findest Du eine Übersicht aller bisherigen Änderungen. Contao unterscheidet zwischen Major-Releases (z.B. von Version 3 auf Version 4), Minor-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4 auf 3.5) und Bugfix-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4.4 auf Version 3.4.5).



TYPOlight Open Source CMS Changelog

Version 2.4.7 (2007-10-11)

  • Added automatic event alias generation
  • Added realname support to the PunBB bridge
  • Added admin notification if there are new comments
  • Added UNIX timestamps to news, comment and event templates
  • Added a check that prevents admins from downgrading their own accounts
  • Added a robots.txt file to prevent robots from searching system directories
  • Added a bottom navigation bar in the back end if there are more than 30 records
  • Fixed issue with wrong parent ID when adding newsletter recipients in the back end
  • Fixed issue with duplicate form ID attribute when there is a stlye sheet ID
  • Fixed issue with incorrect calendar links when page aliases are disabled
  • Fixed issus with front end forms being validated in the back end
  • Fixed a security hole in the back end preview script
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.4.6 (2007-09-03)

  • Updated slimbox to version 1.41
  • Updated mootools to version 1.11
  • Updated UFO script to version 3.22
  • Added automatic news alias generation
  • Added default label to "back to top" element
  • Added automatic form focus in case of an error
  • Added shortened view to calendar and event modules
  • Added mbstring support to regular expressions using Unicode
  • Added user details to the user registration notification e-mail
  • Removed default body margin when printing articles (can be set via CSS)
  • Improved synchronization between member accounts and newsletter subscriptions
  • Fixed issue with empty paragraph element in news layouts when there is no meta data
  • Fixed issue with invalid download tokens when cookies are not accepted
  • Fixed issue with wrong number of all-day events in the mini-calendar
  • Fixed issue with incorrect daylight saving time of repeated events
  • Fixed a minor JavaScript warning caused by the tablesort script
  • Fixed the "save and close" button of the template editor
  • Fixed issue with incorrect e-mail return path format
  • Fixed minor bug in TinyMCE plugin "typolinks"
  • Fixed some minor spelling issues

Version 2.4.5 (2007-08-02)

  • Moved table row classes to TR elements
  • Added layout templates to listing module
  • Added character set to Ajax response headers
  • Added phpmailer plugin (replaces htmlMimeMail5)
  • Added dp.SyntaxHighlighter plugin (replaces GeSHi)
  • Added classes "even" and "odd" to news layouts and event list
  • Added admin e-mail address (sender address) to website root pages
  • Added front end module "upcoming events" to the calendar extension
  • Added page description ($this->description) to navigation templates
  • Added classes "first" and "last" to list elements and navigation modules
  • Added enclosure download link to news templates (see template news_full.tpl)
  • Added wildcard ##name## (first part of the e-mail address) to the newsletter module
  • Fixed issue with environment insert tags when there is no website root page
  • Fixed some minor spelling issues

Version 2.4.4 (2007-07-17)

  • Added some new hooks
  • Added insert tag "last_update"
  • Added English as fallback language to TinyMCE
  • Added option to include hidden items in a sitemap
  • Added option to choose the target page of an article list
  • Added option to use a user's home directory as source for downloads
  • Added option to use a user's home directory as source for image galleries
  • Fixed issue with CSS border color/style not being applied
  • Fixed issue with all day events being shown twice
  • Fixed issue with relative URLs in newsletters
  • Fixed small bug in the Flash movie module
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.4.3 (2007-06-25)

  • Updated simplepie
  • Added recurring events
  • Added a punBB forum brigde
  • Added guest content elements
  • Added external Flash movie support
  • Added pagination to module "news list"
  • Added pagination to module "rss reader"
  • Added pagination to content element "comments"
  • Added BBCode support and sorting to content element "comments"
  • Added enclosure support to news articles (applies to feeds only)
  • Removed all remaining mb_ functions from the install script
  • Fixed issue with email return path in PHP safe_mode
  • Fixed alias link to original content element
  • Fixed a small bug in the listing module
  • Fixed issue with image cache names
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.4.2 (2007-06-16)

  • Added mbstring replacement library
  • Added a zip archive library to the framework
  • Added classes "col_first" and "col_last" to calendar modules
  • Added extension "listing" which lists records of a certain table in the front end
  • Redone the template editor to fit more into the operational concept of the back end
  • Fixed issue with numeric background-position values when importing a style sheet
  • Fixed issue with clipboard icons not being shown on Ajax requests
  • Fixed issue with redirect/forward pages not being protected
  • Fixed issue with emtpy links in the comments module
  • Fixed small bug in the TinyMCE plugin "typolinks"
  • Fixed small bug in the pagination library

Version 2.4.1 (2007-06-10)

  • Added time to news articles
  • Added yearly view to event list
  • Added onsubmit_callback to "edit all" mode
  • Added some missing labels to TinyMCE plugin "xhtmlxtras"
  • Added option to use calendar and news modules with multiple archives
  • Fixed issue with event end date not being shown in the back end
  • Fixed issue with wrong character encoding in PDF articles
  • Fixed issue with PDF files causing errors in Acrobat < 8
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.4.0 (2007-06-07)

  • Added DOMPDF library (print to PDF)
  • Added content element protection (group based)
  • Added insert tag "env::main_alias" (main page alias)
  • Added option to choose the start page of the navigation module
  • Added option to comments module to limit creating new comments to members
  • Added option to choose the end date of an event to the calendar module
  • Added option to add ID and class attributes to forms
  • Fixed a small bug in the form generator
  • Fixed a bug in the date library

Version 2.4beta (2007-06-01)

  • Added clipboard
  • Added comments module
  • Added newsletter module
  • Added calendar/events module
  • Added template editor extension
  • Updated TinyMCE to version
  • Added Google spellchecker plugin to TinyMCE
  • Added image drop-down list to TinyMCE image wizard
  • Added option to send a copy of an e-mail to the sender
  • Added default subject fallback mechanism to form generator
  • Added a field to define the page title in addition to the page name
  • Added href of the active page to the navigation menu template
  • Fixed issue with password fields not being mandatory
  • Fixed username validation of the registration module
  • Fixed issue with special characters in image names
  • Fixed issue with cached environment insert tags
  • Fixed small bug in "copy with childs" function
  • Fixed handling of 403/404 error pages
  • Fixed news archive menu nesting