Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht aller bisherigen Änderungen. Contao unterscheidet zwischen Major-Releases (z.B. von Version 3 auf Version 4), Minor-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4 auf 3.5) und Bugfix-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4.4 auf Version 3.4.5).


Contao core bundle change log

4.4.12 (2018-01-03)

  • Do not resend activation mails for active members (see #1234).
  • Order the files by name when selecting folders in the file picker (see #1270).
  • Optimize inserting keywords into tl_search_index (see #1277).

4.4.11 (2017-12-28)

  • Revert 'Quote reserved words in database queries (see #1262)'.

4.4.10 (2017-12-27)

  • Quote reserved words in database queries (see #1262).
  • Only add _locale if prepend_locale is enabled (see #1257).

4.4.9 (2017-12-14)

  • Show the "invisible" field when editing a form field (see #1199).
  • Only add pages requested via GET to the search index (see #1194).
  • Fix the Encrption class not supporting PHP 7.2 (see #8820).
  • Handle single file uploads in FileUpload::getFilesFromGlobal() (see #1192).

4.4.8 (2017-11-15)

  • Prevent SQL injections in the back end search panel (see CVE-2017-16558).
  • Support class named services in System::import() and System::importStatic() (see #1176).
  • Only show pretty error screens on Contao routes (see #1149).

4.4.7 (2017-10-12)

  • Show broken images in the file manager (see #1116).
  • Copy the existing referers if a new referer ID is initialized (see #1117).
  • Stop using the TinyMCE gzip compressor (deprecated since 2014).
  • Prevent the User::authenticate() method from running twice (see #1067).

4.4.6 (2017-09-28)

  • Bind the lock file path to the installation root directory (see #1107).
  • Correctly select the important part in the modal dialog (see #1093).
  • Correctly handle unencoded data images in the Combiner (see #8788).
  • Do not add a suffix when copying if the "doNotCopy" flag is set (see #8610).
  • Use the module type as group header if sorted by type (see #8402).

4.4.5 (2017-09-18)

  • Fall back to the URL if there is no link title (see #1081).
  • Correctly calculate the intersection of the root nodes with the mounted nodes (see #1001).
  • Catch the DriverException if the database connection fails (see contao/managed-edition#27).
  • Fix the back end theme.
  • Check if the session has been started before using the flash bag.

4.4.4 (2017-09-05)

  • Show the form submit buttons at the end of the form instead of at the end of the page.
  • Do not add the referer ID in the Template::route() method (see #1033).

4.4.3 (2017-08-16)

  • Correctly assign the form CSS ID (see #956).
  • Fix the referer management in the back end (see #6127).
  • Also check for a front end user during header replay (see #1008).
  • Encode the username when opening the front end preview as a member (see #8762).
  • Correctly assign the CSS media type in the combiner.

4.4.2 (2017-07-25)

  • Adjust the command scheduler listener so it does not rely on request parameters (see #955).
  • Rewrite the DCA picker (see #950).

4.4.1 (2017-07-12)

  • Prevent arbitrary PHP file inclusions in the back end (see CVE-2017-10993).
  • Correctly handle subpalettes in "edit multiple" mode (see #946).
  • Correctly show the DCA picker in the site structure (see #906).
  • Correctly update the style sheets if a format definition is enabled/disabled (see #893).
  • Always show the "show from" and "show until" fields (see #908).

4.4.0 (2017-06-15)

  • Fix the "save and go back" function (see #870).

4.4.0-RC2 (2017-06-12)

  • Update all Contao components to their latest version.
  • Regenerate the symlinks after importing a theme (see #867).
  • Only check "gdMaxImgWidth" and "gdMaxImgHeight" if the GDlib is used to resize images (see #826).
  • Improve the accessibility of the CAPTCHA widget (see #8709).
  • Re-add the "reset selection" buttons to the picker (see #856).
  • Trigger all the callbacks in the toggleVisibility() methods (see #756).
  • Only execute the command scheduler upon the "contao_backend" and "contao_frontend" routes (see #736).
  • Correctly set the important part in "edit multiple" mode (see #839).
  • Remove the broken alias transliteration see (#848).

4.4.0-RC1 (2017-05-23)

  • Tweak the back end template.
  • Add the "allowed member groups" setting (see #8528).
  • Hide the CAPTCHA field by default by adding a honeypot field (see #832).
  • Add the "href" parameter to the article list (see #694).
  • Show both paths and UUIDs in the "show" view (see #793).
  • Do not romanize file names anymore.
  • Improve the back end breadcrumb menu (see #623).
  • Correctly render the image thumbnails (see #817).
  • Use the "file" insert tag in the file picker where applicable (see #8578).
  • Update the Punycode library to version 2 (see #748).
  • Always add custom meta fields to the templates (see #717).

4.4.0-beta1 (2017-05-05)

  • Warn if another user has edited a record when saving it (see #809).
  • Optimize the element preview height (see #810).
  • Use the file meta data by default when adding an image (see #807).
  • Use the kernel.project_dir parameter (see #758).
  • Disable the "publish" checkbox if a parent folder is public (see #712).
  • Improve the findByIdOrAlias() method (see #729).
  • Make sure that all modules can have a custom template (see #704).
  • Remove the popupWidth and popupHeight parameters in the file manager (see #727).
  • Remove the cron.txt file (see #753).
  • Allow to disable input encoding for a whole DCA (see #708).
  • Add the DCA picker (see #755).
  • Allow to manually pass a value to any widget (see #674).
  • Only prefix an all numeric alias when standardizing (see #707).
  • Support using objects in callback arrays (see #699).
  • Support importing form field options from a CSV file (see #444).
  • Add a Doctrine DBAL field type for UUIDs (see #415).
  • Support custom back end routes (see #512).
  • Add the contao.image.target_dir parameter (see #684).
  • Match the security firewall based on the request scope (see #677).
  • Add the contao.web_dir parameter (see #40).
  • Look up the form class and allow to choose the type (see #8527).
  • Auto-select the active page in the quick navigation/link module (see #8587).