Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht aller bisherigen Änderungen. Contao unterscheidet zwischen Major-Releases (z.B. von Version 3 auf Version 4), Minor-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4 auf 3.5) und Bugfix-Releases (z.B. von Version 3.4.4 auf Version 3.4.5).


Change log

4.6.1 (2018-08-28)

  • Restore compatibility with symfony/http-kernel in version 3.4 (see #34).
  • Do not merge the session cookie header (see #11, #29).
  • Update the list of countries (see #12).
  • Add the tl_content.youtubeOptions field in the version 4.5 update (see #28).

4.6.0-RC1 (2018-07-16)

  • Add two factor authentication for the back end login (see #1545).
  • Add the "markAsCopy" config option to the DCA (see #586).
  • Sort the custom layout sections by their position (see #1529).
  • Make the DropZone error messages translatable (see #1320).
  • Do not stack the buttons if the screen is wide enough (see #8816).
  • Remove registrations that are not activated within 24 hours (see #1512).
  • Remove the "number of columns" field from the login module (see #1577).
  • Also use the file meta data in the download element (see #1459).
  • Purge the system log by default after 7 days (see #1512).
  • Use "noreferrer noopener" for links that open in a new window (see #1125).
  • Do not store IP addresses in tl_log (see #1512).
  • Append the module ID to the form field IDs to prevent duplicate IDs (see #1493).
  • Add the page picker to the meta fields in file manager (see #1568).
  • Remove the "flash movie" front end module.
  • Add extended video support (see #1348).
  • Pass all search result data to the search template (see #1558).
  • Auto-clear the session form data (see #1550).
  • Add abstract controllers for fragment content elements and front end modules (see #1376).
  • Handle manifest.json files in public bundle folders (see #1510).
  • Introduce auto cache tag invalidation on DCAs for better DX (see #1478).
  • Throw a "page not found" exception if a download file does not exist (see #8375).
  • Allow multi-root and multi-page searches (see #1462).
  • Handle case-sensitive file names in the file manager (see #1433).
  • Simplify the slug handling when auto-creating aliases (see #1334).
  • Do not notify the admin via e-mail if an account is locked (see #7728).
  • Only start the session if needed to find data in FORM_DATA (see #1471).
  • Add template blocks to be_login.html5 (see #1424).
  • Improve cache busting of the .css and .js files (see #1404).
  • Add a translator insert tag (see #1400).
  • Distinguish between error 401 and 403 (see #1381).
  • Enable drag and drop for the file manger (see #1394).
  • Add drag and drop file upload for the file tree (see #1386).
  • Hide the end time of open-ended events in the back end form (see #23).
  • Link to the event if no image link has been defined (see #30).
  • Hide running non-recurring events (see #30).
  • Pass the number of events to the main template (see #32).
  • Make the calendar model available in the event reader (see #8869).
  • Remove subscriptions that are not activated within 24 hours (see #1512).
  • Append the parent ID to the form field IDs to prevent duplicate IDs (see #1493).
  • Replace <div class="quote"> with <blockquote> (see #2244).
  • Support sorting enclosures (see #16).
  • Migrate the search module settings (see #89).
  • Enable the FOS cache bundle (see #67).
  • Add a default robots.txt file (see #56).
  • Link to the news article if no image link has been defined (see #30).
  • Show the 404 page if an external news is opened in the news reader (see #33).
  • Add a custom text field to the subscribe module (see #1512).
  • Use type="email" in the default template (see #20).