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The sheer amount of customizations on here are worth a case study of their own. We used AJAX heavily to offload the add to cart functionality, and we used product bundles to group together products that were being sold together. All of this had to be tied into a 3rd party point-of-sale system that was not very forgiving, but the Rhyme team managed to successfully connect and pass the data back and forth even with an undocumented API.

Rhyme helped HairFactory revamp their website when they were locked into a substandard eCommerce system. We used an undocumented API to connect their system to Isotope eCommerce, and developed a fully responsive site using the Zurb Foundation responsive framework. This involved using a lot of different customizations, but Contao never let us down, and the Isotope eCommerce system provided immense flexibility when it came to making the shop work like it should.

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Isotope eCommerce was primarily used, and there were many customizations on everything from shipping methods, payment methods, gift cards, coupons and discounts, aggregating variant product data. In each case, the flexibility that both Isotope and Contao provide were essential in being able to complete the customizations. These customizations could NOT be done on another platform for the time and effort involved.

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