Contao Open Source CMS Books & Videos

Here you will find various Contao resources that have been published over the years. No matter whether you prefer to read a book, watch a video, or take an online tutorial, here you will find what you need. Many thanks to all authors, directors, publishers, producers, and other contributors for their support and hard work. I hope this section will expand as the Contao projects grows.

Contao books

So far, Contao books are available in German only. However we are constantly looking for authors, translators, and publishing companies from other countries who want to make a Contao book available in their language. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Contao Academy

Websites erstellen mit Contao

Spoken by Christian Feneberg

Get startet with the online courses of the Contao Academy and learn step by step how to create websites with Contao. New videos are provided on a regular basis, so you can permanently improve your Contao skills and get your projects done faster.

Websites erstellen mit Contao

Websites erstellen mit Contao

Written by Peter Müller

Peter Müller offers many practical examples of how to install, configure, and maintain Contao. His inimitable style guarantees a quick and successful training session, as well as ample entertainment. It has never been easier or more fun to learn a Content Management System!

ISBN: 978-3836220101



Spoken by Harry Boldt

The video training introduces the basic concepts of Contao, and shows you how to install the system, set up the site structure, configure modules, generate content, and create complex websites. The DVD includes the theme that is being developed during the training.

Das offizielle Contao-Handbuch

Das offizielle Contao-Handbuch

Written by Leo Feyer

The official Contao book has been written by Leo Feyer, the Contao founder and core developer, and published by Addison Wesley in August 2008. It covers all important topics from installing Contao to customizing the system, and includes a custom front end template.

ISBN: 978-3827330147

Contao Jahrbuch

Mit Contao Webseiten erfolgreich gestalten

Written by Thomas Weitzel

This book gives you an introduction to Contao and how to successfully create websites with the Open Source Content Management System. It includes practical examples of navigation menus and image galleries, as well as two websites that show you step by step how to set up a Contao project.

ISBN: 978-3827328922

Contao für Redakteure

Contao für Redakteure

Written by Nina Gerling

This book is intended for professional online editors in a mid-size business or association, as well as administrative assistants/office managers who maintain the company's website in addition to their regular work. It also includes individuals who create content for their private website.

ISBN: 978-3827328939

Contao - Das umfassende Praxisbuch

Contao - Das umfassende Praxisbuch

Written by Anne-Kathrin Merz

This book not only provides a practical, comprehensive introduction to Contao, but also describes advanced techniques, such as individual themes and design questions. Besides technical tasks, the book also conveys strategic considerations and tips and tricks.

ISBN: 978-3826655326