What is special about it

The amount of customization that we went through to make the entire site easy to edit was they key. Because Contao allows for quick and easy customization of content elements with its flexible DCA, it was a snap to make even the most complex content elements configurable with a few clicks in the backend.

Rhyme developed this Contao site for EGGI—one of the leading groundwater exploration companies in the world. Much attention was put on content and organization for this site, as it was imported over from a patchwork custom CMS as well a Wordpress blog. The result is a site that is much easier to manage and edit, and provides a platform for future growth. The site utilizes a myriad of fantastic photography and imagery which enhances the look and feel.

Extensions used

Most of it was custom, but we took full advantage of the Haste extension from Terminal 42, and even though the site itself is not responsive, we utilized our own Zurb Foundation extension for layout purposes.


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