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What is special about it

The ergonomics of the site was designed based on the amount of information, a navigation system with an extensive menu on the left allows the user to go directly to the desired page.
In addition, the CMS should allow updating of financial and technical information in a simple way in a rather complex graphical model.

The site has two languages ​​and a Chinese version is planned for 2014.

Sapmer is the second fishing business in France. Based in Reunion Island, the company founded in 1947 currently has over 750 employees.
In 2012 Sapmer mandated PI to redesign its website, the main challenge was to integrate three sites in one information portal facing public 3 different: BtoB, BtoC investors and clients.
The site now has more than 300 pages and a large amount of information ranging from annual repport the recipe.

Extensions used

FAQ, flexslider, Videobox, Photos Gallery.
Three extensions were developed for the project management afloat, job offers, contact form.

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