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What is special about it

This implementation serves the customer as a template for further theme landing pages. Here, the visualization of the features of the table are explicitly emphasized. A created image composition shows the carrying power, later the user scrolls through a area in which the height adjustability of the table is shown.

The existing system is also continually expanded by individual modules (for example CSV import into the database for updating the contact filter).

As a traditional medium-sized company group, OTTOKIND has the competence, the power and the will to actively shape the markets.
In the knowledge that the success of the company group is determined by how much OTTOKIND is able to contribute with its products and services to the improvement of performance of their customers.
The relationship with partners in the market is simple, open and friendly.
The employees are the basis for the future development of the company group. Combined use of creativity, diligence and commitment to replace good products and services with better ones.
These values had to be linked with good agreement and ultimately delivered in an optically outstanding, performant landing page, which now serves as a basis for future landing pages.

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