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What is special about it

At Gremako, the focus is on employees. So they also had to take a big place on the website.

Quite simply, new employees and their quotes can be created in the backend. In the front end, a current list of these is then output and the details are fetched via Ajax request when clicked on the respective employee.

In addition to the website, various print media, such as an image brochure were created.

Cylindrical and tapered pins are connecting parts and pieces which are required in various sizes and standards in the world of industrial production as a basic component. It is a good thing that GREMAKO provides Germany's largest stock to meet the high demand.
But how do they differentiate in a market that is standardized by requirements and standards? Not with the price, but with the company itself.
Andreas Vollmert's management always monitors the industry in which they are moving. In such a competitive market it was said to create their own brand to escape the fight of the best prices. This strategy has already thrown some competitors out of the market.

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