LBV – Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V.

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1601 has been advising the LBV on the development of a brand identity for several years.

The association's tasks are diverse: political lobbying, nature conservation research, environmental education, species aid programs, land purchases / maintenance and many more. This wide variety of tasks and information is also reflected on the approximately 1,000 pages of the LBV website. Together with the increasing use of mobile web and new technologies, it made an extensive relaunch necessary. planned and implemented a completely new website with innovative technology, fresh design and intuitive user guidance.
High-resolution and emotional images of nature give the website an attractive appearance and the user-friendly menu helps users to find information quickly and to navigate in portrait databases. Innovative maps from Google Maps automatically record the position on request and thus facilitate the reporting of animal observations for the analysis of animal behavior and population or the routing to one of the 600 stork nests on the Bavaria map. The telemetry maps are very exciting, they show live flight routes of white storks and other bird species based on GPS data.

In order to meet all of these technical requirements, set up and adapted an individual CMS in the Contao version 4.4, which was just published at the time, and added numerous self-developed extensions. The modular news tag system developed in this way enables the simple and selective publication of articles according to keywords. In the front end, these contributions can be selected by category or date. is one of the first agencies to use the new Contao with such a wide range of functions.

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"agentur1601com/dlh_googlemaps" (fixed version)


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