SIP – Societal Impact of Pain

What is special about it

The “Societal Impact of Pain” (SIP) initiative aims to raise public awareness of the effects of pain on personal well-being, society and the economy.

The SIP online platform has been hosted by for many years, intensively supported and continuously improved. Information can be specifically stored and retrieved in the keyword-based media database developed by

The growing number of national SIP platforms and supporters also find a strong partner at their side for the targeted advertising of their national events and activities. In the modules developed by, specific countries can be selected on an interactive map of Europe in order to obtain information and contact details for all supporting organizations and initiatives active there.

The close connection of the website with the social media channels as well as the monthly dispatch of a SIP newsletter by creates a continuous dissemination of the SIP topics. The responsively optimized website is the result of an intensive collaboration with the SIP partners based on a well-founded and target group-specific communication concept.

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