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The Unifleisch GmbH & Co KG group has been a family business in its third generation and has been an integral part of the Erlangen corporate landscape since 1956. The meat company specializes in purchasing, slaughtering, cutting and selling beef and pork and pays attention to the highest quality from Bavaria.

A decisive design point on the website is the duality of Unifleisch GmbH and Contifleisch GmbH. While Unifleisch cuts and sells beef, Contifleisch is responsible for processing pork. In the design concept of the homepage, beef and pork always appear side by side, for example in the lovingly designed header that shows both a cow and a pig in free-range farming.

The logos of Unifleisch and Contifleisch are also effectively displayed next to one another: They initially appear one below the other on the start page, but change their position when scrolling in a fluid animation. When scrolling through the homepage, the visitor also discovers the animated seal of the two companies, which shows beef and pork shoulder to shoulder and in the animation programmed by 1601.com always changes the focused animal and the associated company logo.

Since the clear overview of certifications, quality assurance and hygiene standards in food production is of particular importance, it was a particular concern of our customer to create the greatest possible transparency on the website. Therefore, all certificates and proofs for quality assurance are always visible in the footer from every subpage.

The contact person system, as well as the entire content, can be conveniently managed in the Contao content management system by the Unifleisch GmbH editor, trained by 1601.com.

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