TGE – Trägergesellschaft für die Einrichtungen der Schwestern vom Göttlichen Erlöser

What is special about it

The TGE facility association of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer (Niederbronner Schwestern) comprises thirteen locations in Germany and Austria. He works in the areas of health, care for the elderly, and education. Since mid-2018, 1601 has been successively relaunching the websites of all institutions of the sponsoring community in the fields of health and (elderly) care.

All these websites are implemented with the help of Contao, which makes it possible to set up all websites parallel on one system without any problems. While the TGE administrator, like the 1601.communication team, can access the file management and the page structure and content of all facilities, the editors from the individual facilities are assigned individual rights so that only the content relevant to them is available for editing stand.

Quick and easy maintenance of employee data, consultation hours, appointments and contact details within a facility is guaranteed by MedaModels. This extension of the CMS makes it possible to maintain and update the data that is displayed at many different points on the website at a central point. This minimizes the amount of work that the editors have to do when making a change. The configuration of MetaModels, which is used for the facilities of the TGE, has been adapted and expanded several times by 1601.communication according to the requirements and wishes of the customer in order to optimally meet the requirements of all facilities.

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