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With this page it was important to us that the visitor quickly finds his way through our offer and services. All information should be quickly accessible and clearly presented. A serious appearance, the overall look as well as the structural elaboration of the contents were the top priorities.
The visitor should be able to easily inform himself about all offered services and get in contact with us.

For the website we used a framework developed by us, which complements Contao in its functionality and thus makes our daily work much more flexible and effective. Thus, we were able to design and build our website on the basis of a well thought-out basic structure according to our wishes and needs.

Extensions used

◾ Contao ThemeManager Core (contao-thememanager/core)
◾ Contao ThemeManager Tiny Slider (contao-thememanager/ctm-tiny-slider)
◾ Contao Cookiebar (oveleon/contao-cookiebar)
◾ AdvancedForm (oveleon/contao-advanced-form)
◾ Company Bundle (oveleon/contao-company-bundle)
◾ Resource Insert-Tags (oveleon/contao-resource-insert-tag)
◾ Bewertungen (oveleon/contao-recommendation-bundle)
◾ Google Bewertungen (oveleon/contao-google-recommendation-bundle)
◾ Notification Center (terminal42/notification_center)
◾ Contao AjaxForm (terminal42/contao-ajaxform)
◾ Share Buttons (fritzmg/contao-sharebuttons)
◾ Sibling Navigation (inspiredminds/contao-sibling-navigation)
◾ RockSolid AntiSpam (madeyourday/contao-rocksolid-antispam)
◾ Ordentliche Dateinamen (numero2/contao-proper-filenames)
◾ Contao News Categories (codefog/contao-news_categories)
◾ Contao Autor Bundle (dreibein/contao-author-bundle)


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