Aquazul Playa

What is special about it

Although it may seem like a simple website at first glance, the Aquazul Playa website is a testament to the power and templating flexibility of the Catalog Extension, which is used in the 'condos' and 'attractions' sections.

The 'attractions' page is a more simplified master list of attractions which can be searched and filtered. The 'condos' section uses the same extension even though it has a completely different feel. Once a condo unit is selected, a detail page is displayed containing vitals details, a description, rates, an availability calendar, interior and exterior photos. The photo viewer makes use of Slideshow2. The exterior photos and rate information are stored in a separate calendar and tied to each record through the Catalog Related module.

The availability calendar is automatically generated from the company's booking software through a custom-developed module. Several times daily, the availability data is uploaded to the web server and parsed for each condo unit.

The overall experience for the website visitor is a well-organized interface to learn about each condo, view photos and make a reservation.

Aquazul Playa is a luxury condo management company in Playa del Carmen, Mexico that handles bookings, upkeep and housekeeping for the Ocean Plaza building. Located in the heart of Playa del Carmen right on the beach, it is both a relaxing place to vacation with an energetic nightlife. The city is located between Cancun and Cozumel and has excellent shopping, dining and adventure activities for everyone.

Extensions used

Calendar Field
Catalog Ext (with custom templates including Slideshow2)
Extended Form Generator (EFG)
Form Fieldset
Image Rotator
Meta Creator
Custom extension to generate availability calendars


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