Mohawk Trail Association

What is special about it

This site uses a wide range of TYPOlight extensions and connects them in unique ways to deliver a full-featured member-management and directory tool that allows members to manage multiple directory listings on the front-end, as well as submit events. It came together quickly using existing tools with some minor modifications, and we have implemented different CSS styling for the different seasons... Also very easy to do within TYPOlight. The best thing that we have found with TYPOlight is the ability to quickly piece together a lot of extensions to deliver very unique solutions for our clients' needs. We deliver solutions faster because the framework is flexible.

The Mohawk Trail Association is a member-based organization that promotes business, culture, arts and recreation along the Mohawk Trail region of western Massachusetts, USA. This area is rich in history, and is most revered for its driving tours during peak foliage seasons, its wide range of cultural and recreational activities, and unique shopping centers. The site serves as a member directory, marketing tool, and general informational resource for both visitors and members of the area.

Extensions used

We used the Catalog Ext & Taxonomy extensions for the Member Directory listings, as well as custom field editing and event submission extensions developed exclusively for MTA. Also installed are the EFG form management extensions, as well as integrating a custom Highslide plugin on the Press and Media Downloads section. We also use the Content-Box, Banner and Download Stats modules to deliver ads in some cases, measure clicks and track downloads on the guidebook.


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