Whitaker Oil Company

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What is special about it

The Whitaker Oil Company approached us about redesigning their existing website with two major requirements: allow customers to view their products and provide an intranet where employees can see private information. The outcome was rather complicated and shows the versatility of TYPOlight.

The Catalog extension was used to display their chemical and composite products, with three views: website visitors / customers, employees (in the intranet), and suppliers (in the extranet). All three views allow the user to search, sort and filter the results. Additionally, related products are displayed on the detail pages. The Catalog extension was also utilized to create a document repository and an employee directory.

Because of the robust frontend member capabilities of TYPOlight, we created both an intranet for employees and an extranet for suppliers. While we can not divulge all of the information contained in these sections, we can say that there are expanded product listings, internal company news and calendars for meetings, events and employee birthdays.

Whitaker Oil is a 3rd-generation, family-owned, chemical and composite materials distributor headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We service our customers in the southeastern United States from our own warehouses in Atlanta, GA, Ocoee (Orlando), FL and Spartanburg, SC. In 2008, Whitaker Oil expanded the distribution of polyester resins, epoxy resins, fiberglass and other composite materials from primarily Florida to the entire southeastern United States.

Extensions used

Catalog Ext (with custom templates)

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