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We were approached by Marc Dobiecki to create an online film reel website to showcase his work. The main approach was to create fast-loading films using an interactive user interface. Through extensive integration of the Mootools javascript framework, we created a one-page interface to display his director and cinematographer film reels. Making a selection from the scrolling film navigator in the lower-right triggers the "info pane" to slide to the selection and the appropriate film is queued in the film player. This allows for incredibly fast access to each film with corresponding information and screen captures displayed to the left.

Marc Dobiecki developed a keen interest in filmmaking and diving at an early age, watching old TV favorites like "Seahunt," "Flipper," and Jacque Cousteau. "If someone went under water, I had to watch it," Marc says. By age 12 he was a certified diver, working in a movie theater. Marc is an accomplished film director and cinematographer who has worked with Mercedes Benz, Lowe's, CNN, McDonalds, NASCAR, The Weather Channel and Usher.

Extensions used

JW Media Player
Custom Mootools content scroller


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