Here is a list of all changes that have been made so far. Contao draws a distinction between major releases (e.g., from version 3 to version 4), minor releases (e.g., from version 3.4 to version 3.5), and bug fix releases (e.g., from version 3.4.4 to version 3.4.5).

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TYPOlight Open Source CMS Changelog

Version 2.0 (2006-11-24)

  • Added versioning
  • Added module RSS Reader
  • Added additional fields
  • Added plugin FPDF (PDF generator)
  • Added template switch to page layout
  • Updated CSS framework to support IE7
  • Added option to store uploaded files
  • Added search functionality to the back end
  • Updated TinyMCE compressor to version 1.0.9
  • Added file upload error messages to FormGenerator
  • Added maximum image size validation to FormGenerator
  • Added "re-insert values" switch to the FormGenerator
  • Added a custom error handler to fix issues with log files
  • Fixed issue with module wizard when used without JavaScript
  • Fixed issue with hidden fields outside the form body
  • Fixed issue with automatic image width calculation
  • Fixed issue with the Environement library
  • Fixed a few bugs of the form generator
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.0beta-rc3 (2006-10-25)

  • Added image size limit
  • Modified backend navigation
  • Added custom layout sections
  • Updated TinyMCE to version 2.0.8
  • Added a CSS fix for TinyMCE 2.0.8
  • Modified listing and added a hover effect
  • Moved image folder from typolight to system
  • Disabled "image fullsize" link in the backend
  • Added "create new record" buttons to parent view
  • Redone file manager (now it shows image thumbnails)
  • Added cache functionality to the Environement library
  • Fixed issue with multiple download elements on one page
  • Fixed a minor bug in function "copy with childs"
  • Fixed some bugs in the envronement library
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.0beta-rc2 (2006-10-18)

  • Added SMPT support
  • Added image caption
  • Added gzip compression
  • Updated TinyMCE to version 2.0.7
  • Added field "acceskey" to form items
  • Added automatic page alias generation
  • Added toggle buttons to backend navigation
  • Fixed some minor issues with the install tool
  • Fixed behaviour of module "navigation submenu items"
  • Fixed issue with floating images that are added to a text element
  • Fixed issue with navigation menu if used without a website root page
  • Added a data container configuration file to customize the system
  • Fixed the issue with trigger checkboxes in case of an error
  • Added a "select all" button to simplify checkbox selecting
  • Modified htmlMimeMail5 to support PHP5 strict standards
  • Fixed "edit all records" bug in module style sheets
  • Fixed template fe_page (layout "centered box")
  • Renamed navigation module to "site structure"
  • Fixed a minor bug in the envronement library
  • Fixed issue with missing field labels
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.0beta-rc1 (2006-10-13)

  • Updated TinyMCE to version
  • Added a "delete all" method (table tl_log)
  • Added "copy with childs" button to navigation tree
  • Fixed issue with short PHP tags in backend templates
  • Fixed issue with missing global buttons for empty tables (tree view only)
  • Fixed mod_flash template (note that interactive movies are buggy in Flash Player 9)
  • Added "transparent Flash movie" button to tl_module to fix Gecko wmode=transparent bug
  • Fixed redirection bug in case a user calls typolight/main.php without being authenticated
  • Fixed behaviour of module "logout" when no frontend user is logged in
  • Fixed issue with creating records in the root element (pid=0)
  • Fixed issue with "show all records" option in module tl_log
  • Added a workaround for MySQL FROM_UNIXTIME() bug
  • Fixed severe delete and undo bug
  • Fixed some minor bugs