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A "one-man-show", but not a loner. This is how you could describe the company.

Since the middle-nineties I work indipendently as a web designer and programmer.

As I work on my own I am able to use my well-grown partnerships in accordance with current needs.

In 2007 I came to the Contao project. A few months later I already began to specialise in it. Nowadays you can expect nearly only Contao-projects from me and even custom made extensions.

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For my customers' customers: ghostwriting
By specialising in Contao it often happens, that I am asked to only take part in a project instead of handling it on my own. E. g. for templating, consulting or extension development.
More information on ghostwriting

Additional Info
On my website you'll find many more infomation on who I am and what I'm doing. Unfortunately it is available in German only by now.:
Project examples and references
Self-developed Contao extensions
Speeches at Contao-conferences/user meetings
Imprint and company info

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de la Haye Kommunikationsdesign
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