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Marketing analyses its own strengths in contrast to the competition and derives a strategy from this on the ideal product and service offering. Simultaneously it develops communicative measures, which present your products for customers and downstreamed sales structures in an appealing way, position the company and make your team performance visible internally and externally.

As a cross-industry communication agency in the metropolitan area Nuremberg we accompany companies successfully within the whole process of marketing for more than twenty-five years and take the responsibility for the conception and the realization of all communicative elements. We establish added value, which we impart in a sustainability-oriented brand leadership and we give your company a distinctive identity that way.

As a part of your team we learn your core competence, analyze your competitors and understand the motives of your purchaser. This gives rise to concepts for strengthening your profile as well as acquiring and committing your clientele. Derived from Corporate Identity and Corporate Design, this is how all media arises, from the business card to the cross media campaign. Together with our sister company 1601.production we realize your internet or intranet presence, develop individual software for your communication goals and oversee this on our servers in the long-term.

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1601.communication gmbh
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