Download Contao

By downloading Contao you agree to the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Contao Manager

With the Contao Manager you can install and manage Contao 4 in your browser. Download the .phar file and transfer it to the /web folder of your website. Then rename the file to contao-manager.phar.php and open it in your browser.

Installation with Composer

php composer.phar create-project contao/managed-edition <ziel> '4.7.*'
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Contao check

Use the Contao Check to check if Contao runs on your server.

System requirements

You can find the system requirements in the documentation.

Older versions

Here you can find Contao 3.5. Older versions are available on


Here is a list of all changes that have been made so far. Contao draws a distinction between major releases (e.g., from version 3 to version 4), minor releases (e.g., from version 3.4 to version 3.5), and bug fix releases (e.g., from version 3.4.4 to version 3.4.5).