Advertisement in the extension list

Ads in the extension list allow to prominently display free and commercial extensions for Contao. They will be visible at as well as the Contao Manager. Advertising your extension is one more way to fund development of Contao and its ecosystem.


The display should be an image (JPEG, PNG, SVG) with an aspect ratio of 2:1, ideally 1180x590 pixels.

Primary Category

Price: € 100.– per month

Booking the primary category means the advertisement will be shown on every page view in the respective period. This category can only be booked every three months (4 times a year).

Secondary Category

Price: € 50.– per month

Advertisements of the secondary category are randomly displayed based on the remaining available display slots.

Open Source

Price: free

Advertising extensions with Open Source license is free of charge and follows the principle of the secondary category. Additionally booking a paid-for primary or secondary ad is still possible.

After submitting the form, you will receive an invoice for your booking. Paying the invoice will confirm that booking. We reserve our right to refuse inappropriate or illegal advertisements.

Ads in the extension list is an offer of the Contao Association, CH-3250 Lyss. All prices are equal net/gross price – the Contao Association is not subjected to sales tax.