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BackupDB Module


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Backup Contao Database, Automatic Backup, Creating Website Templates

This module extends the backend "System" section.

You can simply Backup the entire database with one mouseclick. The backup comes as download file to save outside of your webserver, in example on your home PC.

You can also store website-templates. This website-templates can be loaded with the InstallTool, like the Website-Example Music Academy.

If also cron extension (Author: Acenes) is installed, you can set up a AutoBackupDB job. The cron may cyclic make backups onto your webspace. At bigger databases it may be, that the maximum PHP runtime exceeds. In this case, i'm sorry, you cannot use AutoBackup.

Since 1.6.0 stable a blacklists controls the storage of data that is not necessarily required for a restore. For example, the tables tl_lock, tl_log, tl_search, tl_search_index, tl_session, tl_undo and tl_version are not relevant for emergency.
The AutoBackup sends a mail to the system administrator after a successful backup, this email may contain the backup file. It is also possible to compress the backup file.

These backups are not suited for a data transfer to another Contao or TYPOlight release, because the database structures will be changed.

Release date
GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL)
2007-2017 by Softleister
Softleister (do_while)
Release notes and change log for 3.2.2
Other versions

Version 1.0.2 with changes for TL version 2.7
Version 1.0.3 correction for strings with backslash
Version 1.0.4 correctionof last correction
Version 1.1.0 Destination path adjustable for website templates
Version 1.1.1 In PHP 5.3.x the ereg functions are deprecated. Exchange of statements against another PHP commands
Version 1.1.2 Problem with quote solved Version 1.1.3 Changes for TL 2.8.x
Version 1.2.0 Update for Contao 2.9.x, Support for DATE, TIME, DATETIME
Version 1.3.0 Define BackupDB parameters at Settings menu, add some database tables to website templates export, e.g. cat_ for catalog
Version 1.4.0 complete revision for Contao 2.10, multi-column keys support, SSL support
Version 1.4.1 Bugfixes
Version 1.5.0 Update for Contao 2.11.x

Version 1.6.0:

  • Report Contao version in the file header
  • Rewrite the list of installed extensions
  • Blacklist for tables not to save
  • Mail after successful AutoBackup
  • Optional attachment with the backup file
  • Optional compress the backup file in a ZIP archive
  • Allow a direct call of AutoBackupDB.php, e.g. from a cron

 Version 3.0.0 rc1 / 3.0.0 stable

  • Compatibility with Contao 3.0.RC2
  • AutoBackup currently available only with an external (real) Cron.┬áCall: www.domain.tld/system/modules/BackupDB/AutoBackupDB.php

Version 3.1.0 stable:

  • Compatibility with Contao 3.1.RC1
  • Consideration of the Apache module mod_authz_core in .htaccess files

Version 3.2.0 stable:

  • Changes for Contao 3.2.x

Version 3.2.1 stable:

  • Should now work in Composer installations

Version 3.2.2 stable:

  • Bugfix for Contao version 3.4.0
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