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Adds some character conversion function to Text field and Textarea form fields of Form generator

This extension adds some character conversion function to Text field and Textarea form fields of Form generator.

  • Unicode Normalization
  • Miscellaneous Japanese character conversion

Tha latter is only available with PHP's mbstring extension although database fields would be added unconditionally.

Unicode Normalization

Unicode Normalization is implemented with PHP PEAR I18N_UnicodeNormalizer and provides several conversion:

  • NFD: Normalization Form Decomposite; Canonical Decomposition.
  • NFC: Normalization Form Composite; Canonical Decomposition, followed by Canonical Composition.
  • NFKC: Normalization Form Compatible Composite, Compatibility; Decomposition, followed by Canonical Composition.
  • NFKD: Normalization Form Compatible Decomposite; Compatibility Decomposition.

Not all of these conversion might be useful, but it might be convenient for data normalization.

I wouldn't describe about these conversion here and please refer in detail.

And since I18N_UnicodeNormalizer installed as standard PEAR package might be cause the conflict of class name "Standard", this extension bundles I18N_UnicodeNormalizer 1.0.0. (It magically solve the problem and I know what was happened but what is the right solution now.)

Miscellaneous Japanese character conversion

This is almost a wrapper for mb_convert_kana function of mbstring extension and these function is almost for the situation of Japanese character encoding world; there are differnt character codes for the same characters.

  • Hiragana: full-width (JIS X 0208)
  • Katakana: full-width (JIS X 0208) and half-width (JIS X 0201 Kana)
  • Alphabet and digit: full-width (JIS X 0208) and half-width (US-ASCII or JIS X 0201 Roman)

("full-width" and "half-width" isn't correct term with character codes but here I use as idiomatic expression.)

And user sometimes input E-mail or URL with full-width characters without knowing the state of her/his input method.

With this function, texts could be converted to common format and widely accept user's input data.

There are several selections for conversion and not all combinations are useful.

  • Convert alphabetic characters to full-widh or half-width.
  • Convert numeric characters to full-widh or half-width.
  • Convert alphanumeric characters to full-widh or half-width, including symbols except: " ' \ ~
  • Convert space characters to full-widh or half-width.
  • Convert half-width Katakana to full-widh Hiragana or Katakana and wheather compose voiced/semi-voiced sound mark with the conversion.
  • Convert full-with Kataka to full-width Hiragana or half-width Katakana.
  • Convert full-with Hiragana to full-width Katakana or half-width Katakana.
Release date
Two caluse BSD License
© 2010-2013 Takahiro Kambe
Takahiro Kambe (taca)
Release notes and change log for 1.1.0-RC2
Other versions

2011-11-28 Takahiro Kambe

  • Release 1.0.1 stable.
  • Fix a small bug when not using Unicode normalization.

2011-03-07 Takahiro Kambe

  • Release 1.0 stable.
  • A little wording change in Japanese translation.

2011-01-25  Takahiro Kambe

  • Release 1.0 beta.
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