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SpamBot detection handler



Block access to your Web Site (singe pages or whole Internet presence) for spam robots. All IP or e-mail addresses are identified as Spam (suspicious access) or Ham (allowed access) based on BlackList or WhiteList or provider checks.

The following providers are currently supported:

  • Intern
    Caching of testing results. Definition of BlackList or WhiteList.
  • StopForumSpam
    Testing IP and mail addresses at http://www.stopforumspam.com.
  • Spamhaus
    Testing IP addresses at http://spamhaus.org.
  • Honeypot
    Testing IP addresses at http://honeyport.org.
  • Spam and Open Relay Blocking System
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.sorbs.net.
  • SpamCop
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.spamcop.net.
  • BlockList
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.blocklist.de.
  • NixSpam
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.dnsbl.manitu.net.
  • UCE Protect
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.uceprotect.net (level 1+2+3).
  • Abusive Host Blocking List
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.ahbl.org.
  • Spam Cannibal
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.spamcannibal.org.
  • Weighted Private Block List
    Testing IP addresses at http://www.wpbl.info.
  • DNS Black Hole List
    Testing IP addresses at http://dnsbl.inps.de.
  • BotScout
    Testing IP and mail addresses at http://www.botscout.com.
  • SpamBusted
    Testing IP and mail addresses at http://www.spambusted.com.
  • FSpamList
    Testing IP and mail addresses at http://www.fspamlist.com.
  • FreeGeoIP
    Allow access for selected countries.


  • Install Plugin
  • Create a new Frontend module of typ SpamBot-IP or SpamBot-Mail. Configure which provider should be used.
  • Create a new page (optional) to which suspicious visitor should be redirected or check and update template mod_spambot according to your requirements (existing template supports German and English messages).
  • Include module either in Page layout or on one or more pages as Page element.


  • All visitor IP / mail addresses are checked and in case of suspicious visitor (Spam) either a message is displayed or visitor is redirected to a preselected page.
  • Using a new menu option in BackEnd (in Account management) you can specify addition IP / mail addresses or regular expressions in BlackList or WhiteList.
  • After checking the IP address, the following InsertTags are available in all templates:
    • {{SpamBot::clientIP}} IP address checked
    • {{SpamBot::Typ}} Spam typ
    • {{SpamBot::Engine}} Spam provider name (probably with link)
    • {{SpamBot::Status}} Status message


  • Search engines were called in parallel. With this special solution operational capacity is enlarged dramatically.
  • We recommend using modules only on page level.
    • Depending on which / how many provider you want to use latency time for displaying pages are extended. If you include module e.g. only on registration page and/or on contact page all other pages will be displayed faster.
    • If you use a Internet site with multi-language support you may define multiple Frontend modules with a a language specific redirection page.
    • With this plugin you may lock specific pages from being displayed (in your intranet) using the BlackList or allow only specific visitors to see these pages using WhiteList.
  • You may use SpamBot-Mail in any form of your choice. Please don't forget to include modul at top of your page.


  • We highly recommend making any tests on a page not visible for other visitors or on a local copy of your Internet site (may bee you will lock or potential customers during testing :-).
  • Allow logging of Ham IP / mail access.
  • Open you prepared page in front end.
  • Take a look at the IP / mail address in BackEnd.
  • Check IP / mail address with configured provider and analyze result.
  • Modify record and change type to Spam.
  • Reload your modified page in browser and check results.

Please enjoy!

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