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Advanced eMail Obfuscation


Replaces the standard method of Contao to obfuscate email addresses

Advanced eMail Obfuscation

Contao always obfuscates e-mail addresses that are entered via the Rich Text Editor in articles by replacing the individual characters of the email address with their corresponding HTML entities.

Advanced Email obfuscation goes one step further. The text contained in the e-mail addresses will be protected by an (optional) ROT13 encryption so that SPAM bots are'nt able to read these addresses. Users who have JavaScript enabled can view the e-mail addressw without limitation, because the decryption is done by using JavaScript on the browser. Users without JavaScript enabled are redirected to an intermediate page with a confirmation prompt. After answering the security question they will see the orginal e-mail address.

The configuration of Advanced eMail Obfuscation is done at several points:

  • Settings
    Advanced eMail Obfuscation could be configured in the settings 
  • Module or Content Element
    A module or Content Element of type Advanced eMail Obfuscation can be created that serves the security form for users with JavaScript disabled as fallback to display the original email address.
    In addition, the obfuscation of email addresses can be disabled for each content element or front-end module. 

In addition to the settings, there is a new insert tag {{aeo-email::e-mail-address::obfuscation method}}, wich with an e-mail address can be generated with a different obfuscation method, as specified in the settings (useful eg for providing your e-mail address in impress). Possible values ​​for the obfuscation method are:

  • none - no obfuscation
  • rtl - Right-To-Left-obfuscation
  • nullspan - inserting a span element in the address
  • shorten - display the e-mail address in a shortened way

MooTools or JQuery must be enabled in the theme settings!

Release date
© 2012-2016 cgo IT
cgo IT (oetzi)
Release notes and change log for 3.5.5
Other versions

Version 3.5.5 stable

  • PHP 7 compatibility

Version 3.5.4 stable

  • Fixed auto_item bug

Version 3.5.3 stable

  • Fixed bug if javascript is disabled

Version 3.5.2 stable

  • Functionality in conjunction with the extension i18nl10n restored

Version 3.5.1 stable

  • Error with special characters in url parameters (e.g. E-Mails with predefined subject) fixed
  • added "white-space: nowrap;"

Version 3.5.0 stable

  • compatible with contao 3.5.x

Version 3.1.0 stable

  • Fixed an error when selecting the fallback page for disabled JavaScript
  • Integrated JiraIssueCollectorWizard

Version 3.0.0 stable

  • compatible with contao 3

Version 1.3.0 stable

  • new Insert-Tag aeo-email
  • Parameters in the e-mail-address are handled correctly

Version 1.2.2 stable

  • Advanced eMail Obfuscation doesn't overwrite a title-attribute, if a title for a mailto: link is manually set
  • various minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.2.1 stable

  • Functionality in conjunction with the extension i18nl10n restored
  • The flag show standard info will be evaluated correctly
  • No short_open_tags in aeo.js.php (Thx to folkfreund)

Version 1.2.0 stable

IMPORTANT: You must uninstall any older version of this extension before you install this version. The additional columns in the database must not be removed while uninstalling!

  • Areas may be excluded from obfuscation with HTML comments and . The HTML comments can be set automatically by the backend for each content element or front-end module (option "Disable Advanced Email Obfuscation")

Version 1.1.2 stable

  • Fixed: Some e-mail addresses were not detected correctly and broken links were created.

Version 1.1.1 stable

  • Existing onclick handlers are no longer overwritten (Solves compatibility problems with some other extensions)
  • Works now if auto_item-parameter is used

Version 1.1.0 stable

  • No adjustment of the .htaccess file necessary
  • Multilanguage support improved

Version 1.0.0 stable

  • Configuration now possible on the global settings (configuration per layout is omitted)
  • The RewriteRule in the .htaccess file now also includes the addition of language to the URL, and the absence of URL rewriting and aliases.
  • The RewriteBase is automatically added to the .htaccess file as needed.

Version 1.0.0 rc3

  • Configurable display type of obfuscated e-mail addresses on the website
  • fixed help texts
  • fixed generation of .htaccess entry for no JavaScript fallback

Version 0.1.1 rc2

  • Insert tags are now properly applied (Thx to folkfreund)

Version 0.1.0 rc1

  • fixed generation of .htaccess entry for no JavaScript fallback

Version 0.0.1 beta1

  • initial version
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