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Add a content selector for a given text field to offer already entered content

backend_contentselector is an extension for backend text fields. You can add a 'selector' which offers you the content of all text fields of the same type in the TYPOlight database e.g. all CSS classes of a content element. The selector could be either a drop-down box or a list of hyperlinks. By selecting a given content element, the element will be added to the associated text field. If the content element already exists in the text field, then it will be removed by selecting it from the selector.

The selector could be added to any text field by adding a special eval entry in the data container array of the field. The eval entry is called contentselector and it is an array containing the following keys:

  • title (string): The title of the selector
  • type (string): The type of the selector, which is either 'text' for a list of hyperlinks or 'select' for a drop-down box
  • separator (string): A separator which separates unique content elements, like ' ' or ','

If you want to add content selectors for text fields of the type multiple, you may enter the contentselector eval value as an array where the keys of the array are the index positions of the text fields and the values of the array are arrays of the above type.

As a first implementation, backend_contentselector adds content selection for CSS classes of TYPOlight content elements.

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GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL)
© Helmut Schottmüller
aurealis (hschottm)
Release notes and change log for 1.0.1
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Unfortunately there is a problem with backend_contentselector and TYPOlight 2.7. TYPOlight 2.7 uses fixed heights for content elements which leads to the problem that the CSS style selection could not be displayed under the attached content elements. I am working on a solution but it might be possible that there isn't a solution. This version was released only to prevent major problems with TYPOlight 2.7 because a lot of people are using backend_contentselector with 2.7 even if it isn't verified officially for this version. This leads to a problem that the wizards in all wizard input fields vanish if backend_contentselector is installed. This version fixes the problem but not the problem I described at the top. I recommend to disable or uninstall backend_contentselector in TYPOlight 2.7 until I have found a solution.
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