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Frontend-editing for calender events


Add and edit calendar events in the frontend

Add and edit calendar events in the frontend. The goal was to make it as simple as possible for the Frontend user. Therefore only the basic information can be edited, i.e. Start-/EndDate, Start-/EndTime, Title, Teaser, Details and CSS-class. The latter optional as some predefined values.

The field Details corresponds roughly to a content element of the type Text, but without the additional fields that are otherwise usual in Contao, such as "Headline" or "Add Image". This can lead to side effects if you edit an event in the frontend that has been edited in the backend. Individual events can therefore be locked for frontend editing.

Version 3 is for Contao 3 only. The "Details" for an event will be stored as a content element of type "text" in the database, just as usual in Contao 3. In case of events created through the backend with more than one content element (or only one of a type different from "text") a proper hint will be displayed in the frontend formular.


  • Add new events into a calendar
  • Edit existing events
  • Link "Edit this event" in eventlist and calendar modules
  • Link "Add event today" in an extended calender module
  • Use of TinyMCE for "Details" and "Teaser"
  • Rights management: define member groups for adding events; allow event editing only for its creator or for all members; define frontend administrators; disable editing for single events
  • Allow/disallow publishing of events in the frontend
  • Module "Unpublished eventlist", so FE-user is able to view and publish unpublished events 
  • New in version 3: Option "Save as" when editing an existing event to create an new event with similar properties
  • New in version 3: "Duplicate an event" to create up to 10 copies of an event on different dates.
  • New in version 3: The frontend user can choose the forwarding page from "View the event", "Edit it again", "Duplicate"
  • New in version 3: "Holiday calendar". Events in this calendar will be displayed within the day header in the extended calendar modul (intended for events like "easter", "summer holidays", ...)


  • Create a module "Event Editor" and put it on a new page
  • Enable Fontend editing in the "Calendar" settings and select the page with the "Event Editor" module as "Redirect page for editing"
  • Modify your eventlist and calendar templates, so the new template variables "editref, editTitle, editLabel" are displayed
  • On the page with the event reader, add a module "Event reader: Edit link". 
Release date
© 2018 Daniel Gaußmann
Daniel Gaußmann (gausi)
Release notes and change log for 3.3.3
Other versions

Version 3 for Conto 3. The previous version for Contao 2 is not supported any longer. 

Bugfix in version 3.3.3

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the form from being submitted under certain circumstances.

Change in Version 3.3.2

  • Modified option "Allow edit only for future events". Now an event can be edited (and created) until the end of the day when the event ends.

Neu in Version 3.3 / Changes

  • Cleanup of the code
  • Unification of the code with the version for Contao 4.4

New in Version 3.2

  • Compatibility to PHP 7
  • Fixed some issues with Teaser and Details - in some cases only a single "1" was output
  • Fixed a bug in the module "unpublished event list"
  • New in 3.1: Field "Location"
  • New feature: Event "save as"
  • New in version 3: Duplicate an event
  • New in version 3: Bonus feature: Holiday calendar, to show events like "holidays" or "easter" within the day header of a calender module
  • Some template variables have been renamed to be more consistently
  • Some modifications in the templates - there is now each one for editing, deleting and duplicating events
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