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Shows members location in a Google Map

Extends the list view and the detail view of the member list by a "GoogleMap". A Marker shows the address which is stored in the members data.

More features:

  • Distance search
  • individual map icons
  • drawing a circle by distance

The Google Maps API Key (up to 1.3.x) is stored with the Contao settings. On a multi-domain-intallation you can store the Google Maps API Key in each websites root page to view the maps in the frontend.


Please update database to add the new fields.


You can get a Google Maps API key (up to 1.3.x) at http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html. This key depends on the domain name.

How to use

  • Please enter this key in the Contao settings (backend domain can differ to the webside domains).
  • On multi-domain-installation please open the root page settings and enter the key for the used domain.
  • Each time, you store the member information in the backend the extension uses the google geocoding function to get the coordinates.
  • you can disable the automatic geoCoding, and the coords can be modified individual


In the Backend settings of the module you had to select at least one field to show in the memberlist.

Release date
GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL)
© 2012 Christian Münster
Christian Münster (ChrMue)
Release notes and change log for 1.5.2-RC2
Other versions

1.5.0 Beta 1:

  • New Moduletyp added. This Type contains a form to use the distance search. You can place this module into any layout area or a different page.

1.3.1 RC 3:

  • The search is now able to compare multiple fields. The Frondend shows only the inputfield to type in the searchstring. In the contao backend you can select the fields which will be used to look for members.

1.3.0 RC 2:

  • Distance Search, i. e. to use as store locator
  • felds can be selected to show in the list view and details view are. 
  • A special layout is added to generate a tableless list. (css should be defined by yourself)

1.2.4 RC 2:

  • bug fixed in getting coordinates during the registration

1.2.4 RC 1:

  • in the speech bubble of the list view the name links to the detail view.
  • If desired In the module Googlemap for a member the speech bubble can be shown on page load.
  • Small changes in TL-settings

1.2.3 RC 1:

  • Corrections in the language files. Released for TL 2.7.4

1.2.2 Beta 3:

  • You can preset the sort options of the table view in the backend.

1.2.1 Beta 3:

  • on demand the table is visible after search request only

1.2.0 Beta 3:

  • speach bubble in the list view, the detail view and the view for a single member
  • routing inside the speach bubble
  • .
  • the text of the bubble in the list view can be configured using the template "info_cm_membergooglemaps_list".
  • the text of the bubble in the list view for a single member can be designed with a textbox in the backend.

1.1.0 Beta 3:

  • You can select the map type
  • display the map selection panel on demand
  • set the map center position
  • set the map zoom

1.0.3 Beta 2:

  • On Registration and Modifiing the personal data the member can deside if the maker shoud be shown at the map. furthermore the markerposition can be adjusted inside the list and detail view.

1.0.2 Beta 2:

  • Modul to show a map for a single Member
  • specify the maps height

1.0.1 Beta 2:

  • if no API-Code is available in the root page settings, the API-Code stored in the typolight settings will be used
  • you can choos the map position (above/below data)
  • you can define the map's height

1.0.1 Beta 1:

  • Map in the list view.
  • In the Backend the map can be deactivated in the list view and/or in the details view 1.0.0. Alpha2:
    • Manual correcture of the location: In the Member-settings you can disable the automatic geocoding. So it is possible to modify the coordinates to correct the location if it is necessary.
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