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Google Maps Module


Integration of Google Maps as a module

New Version. I'm looking for translaters because of changing nearly all labels, fields etc. Please mail to service@delahaye if you are interested.

Extends the list of the featured contents by the module "Google Maps". An unrestricted amount of maps is possible that can be integrated within the content at various positions. Fot this the extension provides beside the module a content element for normal maps and one for static maps.

Main features:

  • Handle as many maps as you want.
  • As many elements per map as needed:
    • Simple markings
    • Complex markings with icon and shadow
    • Infowindows
    • Ground overlays
    • (Poly)lines
    • Polygones
    • Circles
    • Rectangles
  • Linking of the Google Maps route planner from the infowindow of a marker
  • Direct linking of pages and urls from markers
  • Geo-coding of addresses
  • Module for use in Contao layouts
  • Content element for use in articles
  • Content element for use as a static map (png)
  • Dynamic markings and modifications while running
  • No more use of the Google Maps API Key by use of the Google Maps API V3

Dynamic elements kan be integrated by using Html-/Javascript blocks or customized (Metamodels-)templates. For using this feature no change of themplate is needed anymore. The file TL_ROOT/system/modules/dlh_googlemaps/docs/en/ explains how a map can be pimped up by dynamic elements.

A pre-version in the old structure which at least allowed multiple markers was sonsored by

Release date
2014-2018 de la Haye Kommunikationsdesign
de la Haye Kommunikationsdesign (christian)
English transl.
Gary Cottam (Doublespark)
Release notes and change log for 2.4.1
Other versions

2.4.1 Data protection set default off

2.4.0 New feature: dataprotection via confirmation before transferring data to Google, bugfixes

2.3.2 Update for Contao 4. New map sizes etc.. Thanks to heimrichhannot and others. Check changelog.

2.2.0 New feature: resize, thanks to marcobiedermann. New feature: marker clusterer Added API key, removed sensor, bugfixes.

2.1.1 sorry, the async loading of the javascript didn't work.

2.1.0 changed the html5 templates, bugfixes

2.0.9 https-support for markers, KML-Urls with inserttags, Contao 3.3.3

2.0.8 IT extended, bugfixes.

2.0.7 Added IT language, thanks to Paolo Brunelli. Updated CS, thanks to Tomáš Petrlík. Updated FA, thanks to Hamid Abbaszadeh. Fixes a bug with composer.

2.0.6 fixes some bugs, removes old files on update and comes with the languages FR, CS, and FA

2.0.5 was not published in the ER

2.0.4 fixes some bugs and enables maps in jQuery accordions

2.0.3 hopefully solves the problem at least. sorry.

2.0.2 fixes a bug which let updates fail

2.0.1 fixes some bugs

Version 2.0.0 is made for Contao 3.2.x. Older versions are no longer supported.

Main changes in 2.0.0:

  • for Contao 3.2, all recoded
  • translations via Transifex
  • geo-coding separated in an own extension
  • coordinates for a marker are pre-set to the map center
  • coordinates for a marker can be calculated from the address
  • redesign coordinate import
  • maps are linked directly in backend CE-view
  • seperate templates per CE-/module use
  • seperate templates per element type
  • integrated into the Contao rights management
  • markers are also possible in ststic maps (even >5)
  • fixed pan-/zoom control
  • added rotate control
  • added overview control
  • StreetView control positionable
  • de-/activation of CSS
  • pack CSS
  • JS and CSS are only loaded when needed
  • additional parameters outside the options
  • custom colors for the standard markers
  • maps in accordions and/or tabs are reloaded dynamically
  • added KML-layer elements
  • and some bug fixes of course
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