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Create collections of artwork, photographs or galleries with filterable list and detail viewer with comments!


Gallery Collections (or archives) can be set-up to create protected groups, linked to pages, with artist member group restriction, default sort ordering, RSS feeds (yep, galleries in feeds), and of course searchable (just like News, Events, FAQ).

Gallery items had been vastly improved and you can now either manage individual artwork pieces or photo items with a single poster image or you can add an additional multiple-image gallery. This allows you to both catalog items with single photos or still create photo galleries of events with a nice poster image to represent the gallery (if you prefer to hide the gallery in the list view).

This  new version introduces the concept of categorisation of the art/photo pieces with galleries, e.g.

  • author (BE user)
  • artist (FE member)
  • status (available, sold, reserved)
  • art size (A x B cm/mm/in/px)
  • medium (oil, acrylic, color print, etc.)
  • substrate (canvas, paper, photo, fabriano, etc.) 
  • location
  • description
  • featured 
  • published features start/stop as well

All these above items or any additional category items can now be extended by other developers and filtered on automatically (['eval']['feFilter'] = true).

Gallery List Module

You can now list gallery items (now with odd/even classes) just like news items, with per page, featured, sorting restrictions. Then you can optionally also render the image gallery  (which still copies its style from CE Gallery). You can now also specify which meta fields must be displayed (qty, comments, author, substrate, medium, etc.). 

List Filtering

This is a great new addition. Which allows you to check boxes to pre-filter on any of the feFilters, e.g. status=available, medium=oil, etc. Then you can also activate the filtering menu, which creates an UL/LI nav rendering to allow you to quickly filter with a few mouse clicks the entire list of art/photo/galleries.

Gallery List Page-Linked Module

This works like the List module, but allows you to link a page to a archive and then you only need to have 1 layout shared for many pages. The module will look-up which page its on, search for that through the gallery collections and display only those collections. You can then additionally still filter using status, medium, substrate, etc.

Gallery Viewer Module

This simply configures the display of the detail page, similar to the listing module.

Gallery Single Module

This allows you to create a listing of 1 gallery item. This is a bit pointless on its own, but now becomes powerful in the creation of the inserttag reference.


where ID is the gallery ID, and MID is the module ID of the Gallery Single Module. Basically, it loads the configuration of the Gallery Single Module, then re-assigns its module ID to the one you specified and then renders that into the inserttag output.

Gallery Comments

During the installation, your existing comments will be migrated to the new Contao integrated comments system.


We hope that you will enjoy this new enhanced version.

Release date
© 2010 Thyon Design
Thyon Design (thyon)
Release notes and change log for 0.8.0
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  • Ensure you make a backup of your data, as we cannot guarantee against possible data loss
  • Note that your old comment e-mails will not work, as their urls to point to the comment edit screen will be invalid, as the Gallery Comments app is replaced by TL comments.
  • You will be required to re-edit and save your old Gallery Collections (Archives) and Gallery items to store new values for the new fields (e.g. poster image)
  • You will lose the Photographer variable, as we now use Members to indicate a Artist/Photographer (so we can link to a member Profile in the future), where we have added a description field to find out more about the Artist
  • You will have to create new templates as the old ones are now completely out of date and will not work. Also, the names of the templates had to change, as leo's CE Gallery was using gallery_xxx.tpl. The new names are gal_xxxx.tpl found in the templates/ folder.

Build Fixes

  • various typing bugs crept into this release (thanks to everyone for spotting them)
  • fixed copy button url, as this prevented copying (permission error generated) (BE)
  • added ability to sort on title, in date mode, in case the date is identical (BE)
  • added star icon to BE for featured items
  • discovered some inconsistent code between List and PageList
  • corrected some more minor issues with Artist retrieval for the gallery item's drop-down list of artists


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