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Multilanguage Pages


The simplest way to create and manage multi-language sites with Contao.

The i18nl10n module for Contao choses an alternative way to handle localized pages and content elements. While Contao organizes multilingual installations with multiple page trees, the i18nl10n module only uses one page tree for each domain.


  • Starting with version 1.2.0: Support of multi domain installations
  • There needs to be only one page tree for each domain, no matter how many languages you plan to publish.
  • If there is no localization for a called page, the fall back page, using the default language, will be used.
  • Each language can have their own aliases
  • For an existing installation, there is a auto create function for existing pages.
  • The fronend languages are not bound to the installed or by users used backend languages.
  • Every content element (also module created) can be bound to a specific or all languages.

Frontend-Modules & Templates

  • A module to switch the shown language.
  • A navigation template to only translate navigation items.
  • A navigation template to translate and show/hide navigation items according to the setup.





This extension needs help (mainly sponsorship) so it can be maintained and further developed. Contributors of any kind are welcome. See

Release date
© 2014-2015 Verstärker, Patric Eberle
internetinnovations GmbH (internetinnovations)
English transl.
Patric Eberle (Atreju)
Release notes and change log for 1.5.5
Other versions
Contao 3 version

Notes While the use and functionality of this version is almost the same as for the Contao 2 version, please be aware that:
  • The Publish n10l option was inverted. While on the old version you had to select this option to hide a translation, it works now like visible and shows your translation when selected
  • The inserttag {{insert_i18nl10n_article::*}} was removed, because its not needed anymore. Please use the article content element or use the Contao own {{insert_article::*}}
  • The field "published" inside the "tl_page_i18nl10n" and "tl_page" table was renamed to "l10n_published"

Version 1.3.0
  • Feature: permission handling for backend users and groups can be defined for every used language (#3, #29-#33, #35, #36, #41, #43)
    • This feature was financialy supported by
      die gestaler gmbh
      58239 Schwerte
  • Bugfix: improved integration of the module into the Contao core search (all implemented features are only supported by Contao 3.3 or later) (#40, #27)
  • Bugfix: an bug which created a php error when using third party modules was removed (#43)

Version 1.3.1
  • Feature: Adding language selection for tl_content elements when used inside custom modules (#45)
  • Bugfix: Readding support for Isotope (#46)
  • Bugfix: URL creation with inserttag uses fallback language (#48)
  • Bugfix: Breadcrumb uses fallback language (#49)
  • Bugfix: Page title uses fallback language (#50)
  • Bugfix: Auto alias create when using folder urls uses fallback language (#53)

Version 1.3.2
  • Bugfix: PHP error becaus of wrong data type (#54)

Version 1.3.3
  • Bugfix: Specific style for language selection missing. (#55)

Version 1.3.4
  • Bugfix: php error on group and user permission page. (#57)

Version 1.3.5
  • Bugfix: php error in multilingual pages. (#58)
  • Bugfix: improving access rights in multilingual pages. (#59)

Version 1.4.0
  • Feature: Adding support for MetaWizard inside the File Manager. (#51)
  • Bugfix: Using correct fallback language on foreign language browsers. (#61)

Version 1.5.0
  • Feature: Native support for Composer. (#62)
  • Feature: Insert language alternatives as meta link to page header. (#56)
  • Bugfix: Download link on main page leads to 404 error. (#66)
  • Bugfix: Inserttag {{page::parentTitle}} only uses main language. (#67)

Version 1.5.1
  • Bugfix: Header links for alternative languages are only created correctly for fallback language. (#72)
  • Bugfix: No url field shown for pages of type external redirect. (#73)
  • Bugfix: SQL error if pages have no alias. (#74)
  • Bugfix: Title information of root page is not replaced correctly. (#75)

Version 1.5.2
  • Bugfix: URL field for page type redirect not always visible. (#76)

Version 1.5.3
  • Bugfix: Missing edit icons in site structure and multilingual pages. (#78, #79)

Version 1.5.4
  • Bugfix: Fixing php error when creating a single localization in tl_page_i18nl10n. (#80)
  • Bugfix: Fixing wrong form fields in tl_page_i18nl10n. (#84)
  • Bugfix: Fixing target determination for internal redirects without target. (#85)
  • Bugfix: Moving flag icons callback for tl_article and tl_content to hook to allow 3rd party module support. (#86)

Version 1.5.5
  • Added: Extended support for Isotope 2.3.x. (#83)
  • Added: Added inserttag for localized links: {{i18nl10n::link::#}}. (#87)
  • Bugfix: Language flags and selection is missing in 3rd party modules with tl_content ussage. (#88)
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