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Easy iDeal payment method for Isotope


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iDEAL payment method extension using Easy iDeal payment service provider for Isotope eCommerce

DEPRECATED, the isotope_mollie module is recommended as replacement: As of november 2015, the Easy iDeal brand and interface is being deprecated. No more new Easy IDeal customers are accepted. Existing customers can continue to use it until summer 2016. Qantani continues to provide payment services under the Qantani company name, using the payment API/infrastructure of Mollie.


The Easy iDeal payment extension for Contao Open Source CMS / Isotope eCommerce makes it possible to clear iDEAL payments through the payment gateway of payment service provider Easy iDeal. iDEAL is the standard online banking payment method in the Netherlands, and is supported by all major banks in the Netherlands. Easy iDeal is a brand of Qantani who provides other payment methods as well, but Easy iDeal offers iDEAL payments only. Easy iDeal as a brand is positioned for low entry barriere access to iDEAL payments with a competive pricing and (at time of writing) without setup/subscription fees. For more information, refer to:

Installation and Configuration

  • Sign up for an account with Easy iDeal. The signup if fully automated and requires an upload of chambre of commerce papers, banking statement, and personal ID (e.g. passport).
  • After approval, login to the Qantani backoffice is enabled. A Merchant id, Merchant key and Merchant secret are associated with the Qantani account. These 3 values can be obtained from the settings page in the backoffice, and will need to be configured in the Isotope iDEAL payment method.
  • Install the Easy iDeal extension through the extension manager, or copy the files in your Contao installation.
  • Run 'update database' from the Contao backend extension manager, or alternatively run the Contao install tool. The Contao database will be updated.
  • In your Contao backend Isotope Store Configuration, choose Payment methods, and add the Easy iDeal payment method to your shop configuration. Enter the 3 Merchant id/key/secret values amongst the other configurations data.
  • After creating the new payment method, make a note of the new Easy iDeal payment method ID number from the 'i'(nformation) button for this payment method in the listing of payment methods. This ID number will be needed later for the callback configuration in the Qantani backoffice.
  • In the Qantani backoffice, go to the settings page, and configure the following callback url:
    where PAYMENTID is the ID noted earlier from the Isotope payment methods listing.

Additional Notes

It is recommended to conduct a couple of test payments. The test mode can be enabled/disabled from the Qantani backoffice. The Contao system log should give sufficient feedback, amongst which also log callbacks from the payment gateway, which occur with some delay after the payment itself.
The callbacks are usefull for the situation in which a customer did pay, but did not return to the shop after the payment, so that Isotope is not informed about the successfull payment via the return url. The callback will deliver the status afterall, albeit with some delay.


  • The payment gateway allows EUR Payments only. This payment method will not be available in Isotope for other currencies.
  • Although the extension has language files for Dutch, English and German, the payment gateway itself will show a Dutch (NL) localization only as iDEAL is a national payment method.
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Version 1.0.0: Bump to stable release, as it has run in production without problems since RC2.

Version 1.0.0 RC2: Fixed bug that caused payment checkout to be wrongfully approved when payment was aborted.

Version 1.0.0 RC1: Initial release.

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