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Set one or more images per page.

This extension allows you to assign images to pages. Suppose the page layout has a place that contains a different image on each page. This extension allows you to create a image category for that location and to assign any image to any nr of pages. You can even assign multiple images to multiple places within one layout.

Release date
© 2012-2013 Ruud Walraven
Ruud Walraven (Ruud)
Release notes and change log for 3.0.0-RC1
Other versions

IMPORTANT! This extension is for Contao 3 or newer only. The Extension Repository will show this version when dispaying incompatible extensions. Choose the newest version that is below 3.0 of this extension instead.

This extension is based on the xseitenbilder extension and includes all of the features that extension has per version 1.0.1. It is also similar to coverpicture. Additionally there are extra features like random images, the ability to assign (multiple) images to one or more pages and a custom hook if additional logic is required.

v3.0.0 rc1

Added multiple images option (#3)

Fixed missing module icon (#2)

Fixed broken functionality for multiple pages (#1)

Fixed missing group permissions (#4)

v3.0.0 beta1

  • Rewrote v1.3.1 for Contao 3
  • Changed version to 3.0.0 to clearly indicate this version is for Contao 3 only.

v1.3.1 stable

Fixed a bug where it was possible to not select any page for a pageimage even though it is mandatory

v1.3.0 stable

Minor changes following Contao 2.11 updates to templates.

v1.3.0 rc1

This version IS compatible with Contao 2.8.0 trough 2.10. I've set the compatibility to 2.10 only because of the upgrade that won't work below. That needs to be added to the stable release.

  • Code refactor; just redid the entire algorithm. The original one sis a lot of things it didn't need to do
  • Added page image category permissions. You can now restrict categories to uses and usergroups
  • Added option to display navigation modules with pageimages. See the new extension for this: http://www.contao.org/extension-list/view/page_images_navigation.html

v1.2.0 stable

  • Added image set info to the hook. Extensions can now selectively change info based upon the image set category instead of page only.

v1.2.0 RC1

  • Added database row to the template for further customization options (Thanks to JSk)
  • Added a custom hook to allow overriding the image shown. This way specific modules can alter the contents on the same pages they are on without the need for an extra page layout.


  • Bugfix: Flash files now get displayed correctly. (tested in IE8+, FF4+ and Chrome)
  • Bugfix (build 8): Using figure and figcaption inside html5 templates


  • Added .html5 and .xhtml templates used in Contao 2.10 beta1


  • Build 17: fixed bug when using meta.txt
  • Added lightbox option to the pageimages module.
  • Added templates for image and flash options (they can be changed globally).
  • Added multiple default images per category (randomized).
    Note: upon updating you MUST redefine the default image because the original field is replaced (sorry for that)


  • Cancel inheritance: Added the option to specify that subpages will not inherit the image of any ancestor page. This way all subpages show the default image if no other image has been set.
  • Updated compatibility, earliest version set to 2.8.0 because of image functions.


  • Random images: Added possibility to select multiple images or folders per page(s). If so the images are rotated randomly.


  • Added template choice so multiple images can be assigned with different templates to one page.
  • One image can be assigned to multiple pages instead of just one.
  • Recursion is used, images now are not limited to 6 levels inside the page structure.
  • Images can be scaled automatically. 
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