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Provides the front-end user the option to vote for pages, news, faqs or articles.

Rate It provides the front-end user the option to vote for pages, news, faqs, gallery pictures or articles.

In the backend, the rating can be activated for a complete page or a complete article or you can activate it for a news or faq entry. Also a special Rate It content element and module is provided. There are various reports available in the backend.

To work properly MooTools or JQuery must be loaded on the page!

Release date
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cgo IT (oetzi)
Release notes and change log for 3.5.4
Other versions

Version 3.5.4 stable

  • Feature: Links for pages, articles, and news for the Top Ratings module.
  • Bug: incompatibility with PHP 7 fixed

Version 3.5.3 stable

  • Feature: Umstellung der Microdata-Snippets auf
  • Bug: Die ID eines News-Beitrags wird nicht mehr von Rate It ├╝berschrieben

Version 3.5.2 stable

  • Bug: Use " image url, also in minified version, otherwise contao will not rewrite the image url and the images will not be found

Version 3.5.1 stable

  • Bug: Only rate an item, if there is an GET parameter do=rateit

Version 3.5.0 stable

  • Feature: Compatibility with Contao 3.5.x
  • Feature: You can now configure the position (above/below) of a rating on a page

Version 3.4.2 stable

  • Bug: Fixed a bug concerning limit the reviews on a rating per front-end user
  • Bug: Fixed a bug concerning the deactivaton von reviews
  • Bug: Fixed a javascript bug in safari

Version 3.4.0 stable

  • Bug: Fixed a bug with custom rating texts

Version 3.3.1 stable

  • Bug: fixed error with gallery pictures

Version 3.3.0 stable

  • Bug: fixed error when using the extension news_tags
  • Bug: fixed error with faqs
  • Feature: Compatibility with Contao 3.3.x

Version 3.2.1 stable

  • Feature: New module to display the best/most voted entries
  • Feature: possibility to limit the reviews on a rating per front-end user
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that resulted in only showing the teaser text of a news entry if both a news archive and a news reader are included on the same page.

    Version 3.2.0 stable

    • Compatibility with Contao 3.2.x
    • several small bugfixes

    Version 3.1.2 stable

    • Reviews can now be displayed in the article list
    • Fixed a bug when displaying teasers to articles
    • several small bugfixes

    Version 3.1.1 stable

    A big thanks goes to Thomi (, who financially supported the development of this version!

    • Allows ratings of gallery pictures. Template gallery_default_rateit must be selected in the backend settings of the gallery. In addition, the template moo_mediabox_rateit (mootools) or j_colorbox_rateit (JQuery) can be integrated, if rating in the lightbox should be possible.
    • Reset of ratings in the backend now possible
    • several small bugfixes

    Version 3.1.0 stable

    • Compatibility with Contao 3.1.x
    • Representation of 10 stars/hearts
    • Prevent multiple ratings

    Version 3.0.1 stable

    A big thanks goes to 135ti (, who financially supported the development of this version!

    • Allows rating of news articles and FAQ
    • Generating Microdata data for ratings (
    • It can be configured if users could vote more than once for the same item
    • Support for colored and (partially) transparent backgrounds
    • some minor bug fixes

    Version 3.0.0 stable

    • Set some default values so that you don't have to save the settings at least once
    • Fixed error while deleting a content element or module

    Version 3.0.0 rc1

    • initial version for Contao 3.0.x
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