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Subcolumns to seperate an article in several columns

1. What's the extension made for

The Subcolumns-Extension provides a simple way to add columns to an article in typolight.
These columns are added as content elements. The system generates some content elements that show the different seperators for the columnset. The extension is based on the YAML-CSS-Framework by Dirk Jesse (http://www.yaml.de) and uses the subtemplates section and code of the framework.
The Extension ahould work with all modern browsers.

* Internet Explorer 5.01
* Internet Explorer 5.5
* Internet Explorer 6.0
* Internet Explorer 7.0

* Safari 1.0.3+
* Camino 0.6+

* Konqueror 3.3+
* Galeon 1.3+
* Epiphany 1.4.8+
* Lynx (Textbrowser)

Betriebssytem übergreifend
* Firefox 1.0+
* Mozilla Suite 1.7.1+
* SeaMonkey 1.0+
* Netscape 8.0+
* Opera 6+

2. Installation / Update

To install or update the extension, just copy the "subcolumns" directory from this downloadarchiv to the modules directory of you typolight installation and run the install-tool.

As the architecture of the extension wasn't touched for the new release, ther shouldn't be any problems when you update the extension. Even though, you should make an backup of the database.

3. Howto

A columnset is added as an content element to an article. You select the set of coulumns you want to add, i.e. 30%/70%. Then you select an optional name for the columnset, add an optional gap between the columns. In the last section, you can add an ID and/or css-class for the element.
The extension automatically adds some more elements the build the opener and closer of the different columns.
You place the content, that should be displayed inside one column between two of the elements created by the extension.

In contrast to the 0.x versions, version 1.0 provides the copying of articles and / or new pages correctly.
Release date
CC-A 2.0
2008-2009 Felix Pfeiffer, 2005-2009 Dirk Jesse www.yaml.de
Felix Pfeiffer : Neue Medien (felixpfeiffer) http://www.felixpfeiffer.de
Release notes and change log for 1.1.1
Other versions
09/08/2009: I added two new colwidths: 60x40 and 40x60. The new version 1.1.1 stable is now prepared for TYPOlight 2.7 RC1. I also added some new features and fixed some bugs in the print sheet, where I forgot some of the additional widths. So some more new features: 1. I added a checkbox to the TYPOlight settings. This lets the subcolumns ce load a edited css file that includes only the additional widths I added. It's made for all users who use the YAML framework instead of the TYPOlight css framework.
In the new version 1.1.0 beta1 several new functions where added to the extension. Most of them should be testet local before giving on the live server.
The most important things are, that now the css-code for the IE to solve some problems, was put into a special file and will be added with conditional comments, so the firefox doesn't give an error.
I also added a new feature of the YAML-framework, that sets all of the columns to the same length.


As the extension uses parts of the YAML-Framework (http://www.yaml.de), it was released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License (CC-A 2.0) (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/en/)
The Creative Commons license permits both the non-commercial and the commercial use of the framework on the condition that a backlink to the project homepage remains in the layout. For this extension is therefore the following condition:
For the free use of the YAML framework (or parts of it), a backlink to the YAML homepage (http://www.yaml.de) in a suitable place (e.g.: footer of the website or in the imprint) is required.
This could be like this: "Website Layout uses parts of YAML [link:http://www.yaml.de]"

On the YAML home, however, there is also the possibility, to remove this addition by the purchase of a commercial license.
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