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Works just like the standard repository!
[tensiderepository] TensideRepository
snap in replacement for servers that don't have SOAP
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The Tenside Repository is an excellent extension for web servers that are not compiled with SOAP. It looks and acts exactly like the standard repository. Maybe it actually is using the standard repository and only acts as a new conduit for requesting information and files. The only issue that I encountered is that after successfully downloading all the files for an extension, the database did not update. It listed all of the necessary db adjustments and I clicked the button to continue. I was returned to the same page that displayed the adjustments. I was able to go to the TL install tool and commit the db changes. I cannot say what was responsible for the db problem and it may be an issue with my server or the extension that I was installing (Catalog / Ext). Regardless, the Tenside Repository allows me to use the repository on a server where I could not have used it in the past.
by Ben Robinson (Ben), 20.01.2010