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As the name says it backups whole complete website with DB
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I've been playing with this extension for a while. Its does the backup Job very well into a zip file which can be downloaded. As always there is a room for improvements, and I find following features if added would make this extension more wonderful.

  1. Possible to save the backup to another FTP server.
  2. Able to choose which files and folders you want to backup.
  3. if point 1 is possible, than the incremental backup should write directly into the previous backup. 
  4. Cron jobs 


by Tenzin Tsarma (tsarma) , 06.05.2011

hi tenzin,

i've added folder exclusion to the last version, but i am not sure about the ftp-thing. ftp tends to be rather slow with the connection and append... also, i like the fact that i get a notification (email), so i know it is working...

and what do you mean by cron job? you can already select the frequency...

by Alexander Baumstark (mirador), 13.06.2011