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Additional features

by Leo Feyer – Current issues

Not only TYPOlight itself got a lot of new features in the version 2.8 release. Also the additional services such as the TYPOlight system check, the development platform or the Live Update Service were improved.

Intelligent system check

The TYPOlight system check can do more than just to check the TYPOlight system requirements. On existing installations, it also indicates whether file permissions are correct and finds missing files and folders. The current version additionally not only knows whether a file exists, but also if it is up to date.

TYPOlight system check

The difference to prior versions and alternative tools is that it does not only rely on a simple MD5 hash comparison, but also supports different character sets and line feeds (CRLF and LF). In addition, it only evaluates actual code modifications, so a file in which only a comment changes (e.g. an automatic timestamp inserted by the SVN system) will still be considered up to date.

Download the TYPOlight system check tool

Eligible versions in the Live Update

The Live Update Service is a convenient way to update a TYPOlight installation to the latest version. So far, however, if you are e.g. using version 2.7.2, you could only live update if you wanted to jump to version 2.8. Now it is possible to choose the target version during the update and keep the currently installed minor version. At the moment, you can select version 2.5.9, 2.6.7, 2.7.6 or 2.8.0.

TYPOlight Live Update

Besides eligible versions, there is another new feature called "Remove deprecated core modules and files". If you choose this option, the Live Update not only updates your TYPOlight installation, but also purges deprecated core modules and files that are no longer needed (available from target version 2.8.0). Since the feature is implemented server-side, no TYPOlight code modifications are required.

More information about the Live Update Service

Update of the development platform

The TYPOlight development website, which allows you to track the changes of the TYPOlight core, has been updated to the latest Redmine version 0.9.2. Besides plenty of new features, the application has become more stable (it is now based on Rails 2.3.5) and secure.

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