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Contao 2.11.RC2 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 2.11.RC2 is available. Please do not use beta versions for productional websites! Download the release to check whether your website or custom extension needs adaptation.

FAQ list and FAQ reader on the same page

Analogous to showing a news archive and news reader on the same page (see 2.11.beta1), you can now also combine an FAQ list and FAQ reader on a single page.

Make style sheets static

Style sheets which are added dynamically in a module or "moo_" template can now optionally be included in the combined CSS file. To accomplish this, use the following code:

$GLOBAL['TL_CSS'][] = 'style.css|screen|static';

Developer notice: You should only include those style sheets statically, which are needed on most of the pages. Otherwise a new combined file would be loaded on every page, which has a negative impact on the page loading time.

New hooks

The following hooks have been added:

  • sqlCompileCommands
  • sqlGetFromFile
  • sqlGetFromDB
  • getCookie
  • getRootPageFromUrl

More information is available in the changelog and the linked tickets.

New methods in the File/Folder class

The methods "chmod()" and "copyTo()" have been added to the "File" and "Folder" classes.

Privacy settings

In the back end settings you can now configure the anonymization of IP addresses. By default, all IP addresses which are stored in the database or sent to Google Analytics are anonymized. The only exception is the "tl_session" table which is used to store the user sessions. Since those are bound to the IP addresses for se­cu­ri­ty reasons, it is not possible to anonymize the IP addresses here.

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