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Contao 2.9.0 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 2.9.0 is available. The minor release includes the new theme manager, the Extension Repository 2.0, template groups, persistent front end logins, buttons to easily share articles on Facebook and Twitter, a major Safe Mode Hack performance improvement and a style sheet aggregator.

Important notice

There are two things that you have to manually adjust after the update. First of all, the global page template fe_page has been modified, so if you are using a custom version, make sure to change it accordingly. Second of all, we have removed Google Analytics support from the core and added a template called moo_analytics instead. If you want to use Google Analytics, edit the template and enter your Urchin ID there (follow the instructions in the file). Then add it as the last (!) MooTools template to your page layout.

New features

You will find a description of the new features of version 2.9 here:

More information about the Extension Repository 2.0 is available in our blog:

How to update

If you do not use the Live Update Service, synchronize your existing installation or upload the files with an FTP client (see ). Then open the Contao install tool and click the Run version 2.9 update button to apply the necessary data changes automatically. After that, update your tables as usual (do not remove extension tables if you plan to continue to use them).

Style sheet aggregator

In version 2.9, you can optionally aggregate the user style sheets and make Contao write them into a single file. This reduces the number of resources that have to be loaded and thus improves the page loading time. You can activate the aggregator in the "page layouts" module.

In addition, the algorithm to create style sheets and XML files (RSS feeds) has been reworked, so there are less file writing operations in version 2.9 in total.

TYPOlight 2.8.4

The Safe Mode Hack changes have been back-ported to version 2.8, so together with the release of version 2.9.0 we have also published version 2.8.4.

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