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Contao 3.0.4 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 3.0.4 is available. The bugfix release fixes the issue with duplicating elements with their child elements, adds the missing .ogg support and improves the stability of the database-assisted file system. Also, all vendor libraries have been updated.

Uncached model relations

Analogous to the option to load models uncached, you can now load model relations uncached, too.

Anticipating Contao 4

In Contao 4, the behaviour of the File class of the Contao framework will change.

So far, the related file was created automatically if it did not yet exist when the object was instantiated. However in Contao 4, the file will only be created if something is written into it. Also, the File class will internally work with temporary files, which are only moved to their final destination in one atomic operation when they are closed.

You can use this behaviour in Contao 3.0.4 already by passing "true" as second argument to the File object constructor: $objFile = new File('path/to/file', true).

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