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Contao 4.2.5 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 4.2.5 is available. The bugfix release fixes several problems, including an issue with the e-mail address obfuscation and an issue with requesting a new password when a member account is locked. In addition, the front end performance could be massively optimized.

Performance optimization

While working on Isotope eCommerce, developer Yanick Witschi noticed that the method PageModel::loadDetails() is querying the database to find the matching fallback language upon every call. And since the method is called quite often in Contao – by the core as well as by extensions such as changelanguage –, Yanick decided to reduce the number of database requests by using the model registry.

The result is nothing less than impressive: The number of database requests to render a german or spanish page in the front end on has been halved! We are therefore planning to also implement the optimization in Contao 3.5.

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