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Contao 4.5.0-beta2 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 4.5.0-beta2 is available. Here is a list of the most important changes.

Use the Symfony assets component for the Contao assets #1165

You can now use the Symfony assets component to include Contao assets.

Add the fragment registry and the fragment renderers #700

You can register content elements and modules as controllers (fragments) in Contao 4.5.

Display form fieldsets as wrappers in the back end view #1102

Form fields within a field set are now nested in the form generator preview, similar to the content element slider and the accordion.

Support adding external JavaScripts to a page layout #690

Analogous to external Stylesheets you can now also add external JavaScript files to the page layout via the file picker.

Add the "require an item" option to the site structure #8361

If the "require an item" option is enabled for e.g. a page with a news reader, the page can no longer be opened without a news alias in the URL. The URL without a news alias will then also be ignored in the search index and the XML sitemap.

Support wildcards in the "iflng" and "ifnlng" insert tags #8313

The language insert tags now support wildcards, so you can include all language variants (e.g. en, en-US, en-GB etc.) in a single tag (iflng::en*).

Show the default value of overwritable fields as placeholder #1120

If you can overwrite a system default in a text field (e.g. the viewport tag), this system default will be shown as placeholder for the text field in Contao 4.5.

Replace the back end "limit width" option with a "fullscreen" option #1082

The "limit width" option in the back end profile has been replaced with the "fullscreen" option, so you can disable the default maximum width of 1,440px when needed.

Support sorting enclosures #16

News and event enclosures can now be sorted via drag and drop.

Add the teaser image as media:content in the RSS/Atom feeds #7

If a news item has a teaser image, it will be added as media:content to the RSS or Atom feed.


All Contao components have been updated to their latest versions. In addition, the SwiftMailer transport has been changed to "sendmail", because SwiftMailer not longer supports the mail transport.


You can install Contao 4.5.0-beta2 using Composer:

php composer.phar create-project contao/managed-edition <ziel> 4.5.0-beta2

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