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Contao 4.5.0-beta3 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 4.5.0-beta3 is available. Here is a list of the most important changes.

MySQL 5.5

Contao 4.5 requires at least MySQL 5.5.7.

Use InnoDB as default storage engine #188

As the database engine MyISAM is deprecated, we are using InnoDB as database engine in Contao 4.5. Important: The innodb_large_prefix option needs to be enabled, which is the default as of MySQL 5.7.7.

Use "utf8mb4" as default charset for MySQL #113

We now use utf8mb4 as database character set and utf8mb4_unicode_ci as database collation so all Unicode characters can be stored.

Updating tables in the install tool

Switching the database engine and database character set will be done in the install tool as part of the schema update. If your server does not meet the system requirements and your server administrator cannot adjust the server configuration either, you can configure a different database engine or character set (not recommended).

Add roles and ARIA landmarks in the back end #768

To further optimize the accessibility, we have added landmarks and ARIA roles in the Contao back end.

Add all the player options to the YouTube element #938

The "YouTube" content element now supports all YouTube player parameters.

Add the toggle icon of the parent record in parent view #2266

By adding the 'showInHeader' => true flag in your data container array, you can make Contao show existing DCA operations in the header element of the parent view, too.

Add the "event address" field and update the microdata tags #18

Besides the name of an event location, you can also add its address in Contao 4.5. Both will be tagged as microdata automatically.


You can install Contao 4.5.0-beta3 using Composer:

php composer.phar create-project contao/managed-edition <ziel> 4.5.0-beta3

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