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Contao core database table relations

– From practice

Andreas Schempp made the effort and created an overview which presents all the fields and key identifiers of the Contao database tables. As I thought that this would probably also be interesting for some extension programmers, I would not want to deprive you of the summary.

Update: There was a mistake in the old overview, so here's the new one.

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Comment by Cyril Ponce |

Many thanks to Andreas for sharing, it will be helpful for the beginner Contao developer, and for others too :)

Comment by Kamil Kuzminski |

Good job Andreas! I'm gonna put it online at Contao polish docs.

Comment by Vijay Singh |

A very valuable insight into the data engine of Contao and addition to the documentation on Contao. Thank you very much Andreas for taking the trouble to enlighten your fellow developers with your data modelling.

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