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Contao Free Themes Month - Die Kommunikationsabteilung

Screenshot Die Kommunikationsabteilung Theme

The closure of the "Contao Free Themes Month" is being made by us - the agency Die Kommunikationsabteilung. Thereto I answered the questions that I asked all the other participants during July for us and our theme.

Short introduction

Die Kommunikationsabteilung is a full service communications agency for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer everything around communicatons as a one-stop partner. One core area is the development of websites with Contao. Our special services for Contao can be found under

Development of the theme

From a finished project we had a design "laying around" and with a little fine-tuning we built the theme KA Classic from that. Because there are a few more designs "laying around" we will certainly release a couple more free themes in the future.


The copyright notice must generally stay intact, can be removed though if there is a respective notice made in the legal notice section.

More information: theme demo site | Die Kommunikationsabteilung partner profile

Download the theme

Please read the security advice regarding the import of a Contao theme.

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