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Contao Free Themes Month -

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Number 4 of the themes in our "Contao Free Themes Month" is being provided by aka Jutta Kemperle. I thereto conducted, as usual, a short interview with Jutta.

Hello Jutta, could you please introduce yourself briefly!

Juke - these are the two initials of my name: Jutta Kemperle and so chaste and simple did I start my step into self-employment with in 2006. Since then I built several websites and shops for entrepreneurs, freelancer and self-employeds - both designs at customer's opinion and demand as well as from scratch including conception and building of different design variants. My work and  the co-operation with my clients brings a lot of joy. Without a powerful content management system like Contao this wouldn't be possible though. I see my design variation from the music-academy as my contribution to the Contao project and as a thank-you for this excellent cms.

How did the free theme come into being?

The good will to release a theme for free has been there for a while. But when it gets concrete you ask yourself: How can I do this the best way? What is being expected? How special can the theme be? For whom should it suit best? Because it is not unlikely that I will be releasing more - also free- themes in the future I started with a fairly simple version. The design is dark - which is rather untypical for me and my work so far - but it was nice to try out something else.

Is there anything else to say about your theme?

As I said, the theme is fairly simple and can be installed without any additional effort. I build a second version thought that has 4 collocated boxes in the footer area. There have to be made some changes to several content elements of the article "home" as well as to. I have posted a few annotations on my website.

I will answer questions in my blog or in the forums.

The copyright notice has to remain intact, but can be removed by Contao partners and everyone who has so far programmed an extension for Contao and has released it for free.

More information: theme demo site | partner profile

Download the theme

Please read the security advice regarding the import of a Contao theme.

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Comment by uliverse |

Great theme! Clean but not boring. Thanks for sharing this!

Comment by cmunyao |

I think this is da hottest contao theme have met so far

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